Friday, 2 March 2012


Randomness randomness randomness don't you just love it? I know that I do, so my week has been good for literally  a week as in the entire 7 days which has not happened at all for over a year now ( which is sufficient proof that the person that departed my house last Thursday is indeed a succubus of joy!and disowning my family was a good move that is worth the hassle)

The weather yesterday was quite random and i loved every second of it, dark gloomy with a cool breeze and fake rain, i call it fake rain because the sky spitting every minute or so is not really considered raining, actually it is not considered raining unless you need to cover your head get under an umbrella or get the urge to dance in my opinion anyway, so i had a nice long walk in that weather reminded me of home, which was nice considering i was talking to my brother till 2 am the night before, the wee( by wee i mean miniature giant) bastard moved up north( yes i live in the north he moved further north where everything underneath is considered the south!) 2 years ago so we don't get to hang out as often as we did but he did come to see me the day i shipped out to Africa which was quite awesome.

A few days ago somebody from university messaged me with a sheet of analysis of amplification products for 2 VNTR's asking for help now I have not even read anything to do with genetics for the last 8 months, my brain has been wired to damage control and attempts at fixing and reconstruction of myself which is a story for another blog, anyway this random message had me automatically solving the issue as if it was second nature, i guess i didn't know how much i missed genetic work and how much i know that i didn't think stuck to my brain all those hours of pretending to read and learn! but that now semi-confirms the masters i want to do in genetic medicine if they have it in the university i have in mind that is fingers crossed since i will be applying this time next year hopefully.

lets see i am getting better at not getting immediately killed in COD that is partially because i stay in one corner though and let them come to me they still manage to kill me sadly , but on a better note it is almost EASTER!!! and i stumbled on the 1 kilo asda easter egg which of course i went and ordered lets hope nobody eats it before i get to it otherwise blood shall be shed!

and now i forgot what i wanted to say so i shall end this post

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