Thursday, 7 May 2015


I feel so bad finishing a week after everyone else ! it has been partially due to technical difficulties as for some unknown reason the site didn't work, and ive been manfluing for the last 10 days, and working ( im on antibiotics im not infecting everyone left right and center !).

Z I couldn't think of something other than Zebra for this , or how Z is the last letter of the alphabet and so signifies endings which signifies new beginnings.

I have recently had a friendship pretty much end , a best friendship , for reasons very unknown to me , it was a drop of the face of the planet , refuse to talk to me kind of ending which is sad. This person's nick name was actually Z .

Sometimes things need to be brought to an end , or cut loose, to make space for new beginnings , which is what makes some things bitter sweet.Sometimes it just provides the opportunity for whatever is ending to evolve in to something even better and so you start a new with something different, you know think butterfly just in relationship form. And sometimes we just have to move on from things and accept that life is change , and some changes hurt more than others but that's ok , nobody grew or evolved from sugar coating , width does not count !

So here is to Z ! may your new marriage be a blessed one and may it bring you happiness.

and here is to the letter Z in general! may all your endings come accompanied with sweeter new beginnings.

Have a lovely day people