Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lil Rant

What the fuck is wrong with people! So a guy was interested in Sophie who is for sale at well a very cheap price for a pure bred Labrador here because I want her to go to a good home rather than financial gain and he wants to pay 200l.e for her instead of the $250 which is the advertised price here they usually sell for $500 and more now the currency conversion puts the price he wants to pay at $33 , who the hell in their right mind  tries to haggle the price of a pure bred dog regardless of breed that much? of course i could not keep my mouth shut  because i had seen him try to bring the price down to 200-300l.e on every dog advertised on the website in addition to questioning the breed of each which lead me to tell him that if you can not afford the price of a dog especially since it is discounted how exactly are you going to afford to take care of one? also if that is the most you are willing to pay and you do not want to adopt that means you are either buying it to sell it to someone else at a ridiculous price immediately or you are going to be bored of it within a month because dogs especially puppies need A LOT! of taking care of ... which made him resort to being rude , if you cannot be civil with a human being I can not even imagine how you would treat a little puppy..

So another woman was interested in her today and actually came to see her but insisted on meeting at a mutual point and not come see Sophie in her natural habitat as I refer to it which was stupid in my opinion to get a proper feel of a dog or cat see it where it lives how it interacts in the environment it lives in and how it is with its siblings if available not when it is in a new environment and scared, after inspecting the lil pup in her car she kept hinting that she was not a pure bred despite me explaining that the shape of the ears and the webbed paw are clear indications that she is a labrador , and that she was sooooo small , of course she is friggin small she is the runt!( no not all runts are small i know that ) but as long as it is healthy it doesn't matter thing is I informed her all this before she came and she still wanted to think about it,  so it ended up as this woman interrupted my lunch probably scared Sophie because she was not used to that little trip and got me made fun of and laughed at because apparently a guy walking down the street cradling a little pup is so so hilarious ( not that I cared ).

Which brings me back to What in god's name is wrong with these people, I'd sooner get the shelter to find them someone to adopt them than sell either of them to people like this.

Rant Over


  1. Some people just cant help themselves... They are stupid and rude naturally. When it comes to caring for a living creature they are better off trying to better themselves. It takes a special person to love and care for a puppy. Wish you luck please use your good judgement, you can tell from the moment they touch the puppy if they are worthy of having that beautiful puppy!!

  2. Let me just make a point that someone willing to adopt any pet and wanting to give Sophie a loving and comfortable home as she deserves, would gladly pay the price for her. Is the $250 an adoption fee?

    This is just one of the tips I had learned about people who really want a pet. You were right to be skeptical about those two characters who wanted to take Sophie off of your hands from you!


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