Saturday, 24 March 2012

Isolation day 15

So far it has been an okay day possibly because well yesterday must have been a relaxation day from man flu/cold/whatever you want to call it that makes us men whiny bitches, so today is going by at a steady not too slow pace unlike my usage of tissues which is very rapid today, its like my nose is trying to compete with my bladder and is winning ! ( i do not care how disgusting the visual you just got was hah!)

lil Sophie is being a prissy princess today ignoring me running away from me when she knows she is in an area she is not allowed in then jumping in my laps within seconds after i sit down, mind you it is rather hilarious watching her drag Jack by the tail , I keep dreaming of someone hell yesterday there was even music in the background thankfully it was a good song but that is not helping with my patience neither is opening the music to shuffle and the first song that plays is the one I heard in the dream maybe its a sign who knows or maybe its the fever making me delusional and abnormally hopeful.

its funny how things happen , about 2 years ago when I was trying to be a good friend to my now ex ( mind you she would probably deny the relationship or whatever the hell it was so not sure if ex is the right word ) so one of the things that happened was she was complaining and talking about her fella at the time who i knew  well knew by name with the occasional small chat not really knew but the way she portrayed him was well she made him seem like a a complete bastard and of course that made me very very angry because in my mind she was a nice girl with a guy not appreciating her and then she said he left her  because " he was afraid of falling for her" now of course prior to that I wanted to have a word with him to make her happy i did like her she knew it but i was also a friend first so i wanted their relationship to work..... I am very glad i didn't lash out on him firstly because he was a good friend of a couple of friends of mine secondly it didn't feel right ... and of course it turns out that she is a lying conniving person sadly and he is a great guy like I originally thought actually better than what I thought, I feel like I owe him an apology I really do hope he doesn't think I stole the lass from him because that was never my intention and it is not something that would even cross my mind unless well someone was being literally abused and that wouldn't particularly count as stealing a lass. So its funny how things work out because now this is a man I feel rather at ease with for some reason and we even exchanged workout advice, looking back at things I am glad he isn't with her either she would have just used him too and he deserves better and frankly although I liked her there was someone I liked more but thought I had possibilities in negative figures to be with thus yeah....
so what i'm saying is you're a good man Tim and sorry

on a brighter note! 2 months is not too young to start potty training a puppy , and my father is hilarious when high on pain killers, someone offered to trade my lil Sophie for a 7 month old doberman and well of course I refused after all yes I could sell him for about $600 but truth is she deserves a better home than someone who will probably just raise her to breed her.

and on that note I need to go shave and go argue with my therapist since it is pretty much arguing for 200$ a session...


do i divulge too much personal or private information on this blog?
nobody reads it anyway so it doesn't matter! ( apart from a couple that know it all anyway)


  1. I love reading your blogs....

  2. Thank you Anonymous, I think I will keep writing although I have decided to quit the isolation part of the process


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