Thursday, 22 March 2012

Isolation day 13

Day 13 the days are dragging they seem to be getting longer and longer, there are not enough activities to occupy my time or stimulate my brain to be exact and of course it is a common fact that when me and my brain are left to our own devices we start over analyzing everything it really does become like a dog with a chew toy that does not erode! it is not a pretty site especially since nothing is off limits.

Today I occupied my time with chasing after puppies cooking for them and trying to potty train them, laundry and cleaning since my father is arriving tomorrow perhaps that will occupy some time, we are bound to get in to arguments and deep discussions when he gets drunk which is estimated at approximately tomorrow night or afternoon, thankfully he is one of the smart intoxicated people who you can actually have a conversation with.

So I have also decided that I am going to stop whining about romance and all that because well nobody likes a whiner and it is not really something I am fixated or obsessed with so it would be bad to give that impression, I also figured why not use the time to get to know my flaws and fix them, now I am going to need a bit of help with that which means I am going to ask friends to tell me what they think my flaws are since what other people consider flaws i may consider a superpower such as determination and being stubborn as a mule, now this does go against the no communicating with friends unless they are new friends rule but lets say I am feeling rebellious and feeling it is quite counterproductive at moment since it is day 13 and there is no change, I am taking the opportunity and it is doing nothing more than drive me crazy as if there wasn't enough motives to go crazy as it is.

so if you would be kind enough to comment, what do you think my flaws are?

the list so far:

- i worry too much about people, and i worry about what people think of me apparently ( i don't really agree with that because i don't give a flying monkey's arse about most people nowadays )

- i do not listen to common sense ( perhaps that is slightly true, then again my idea of common sense and that that i listen to are not always the same )

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