Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yes I am fully aware that I still have to write my Y,Z posts but frankly I am lacking in inspiration so they may not exist anytime soon soooooooo on to today's post!

I for some reason felt the need to share my day with you, you being the world of course, I was going to simply put a status with my urge to share what was on my mind through a Facebook status, but naturally the spidey senses prevented that, writing a blog felt right for some reason, perhaps it will break me out of the habit of not blogging !

Today is a day to celebrate ! because of all that political stuff that happened in America and California and stuff ( Yes please do excuse the ignorance I am  not always good with details) but Happy Marriage day ! i suppose they might start calling it that as of next year but happy one regardless!!

I had a few highlights of the day today, which is quite unusual for me considering the days have mostly been dragging lately, the first was seeing Tanja's happiness at the arrival of her mother, it was so so so heart warming, I am a sucker for happy reunions . The second is well the fact that I am quite proud of myself for I suppose not only listening but attempting to implement , it was kindly brought to my attention that I need to open up more and let people in and allow myself to be loved and cared for by other people, admittedly I don't really know how to do that very well , I had a dr's appointment today it was nothing serious but my friend offered to go with me none the less, I actually said yes despite the fact that I am a private person although I trust this friend and adore her to bits frankly , so I decided that it may perhaps be an opportunity to open up, after all it is a new kind of experience to share, and I think it went rather well .

In saying that she did via this appointment discover that I did not have breakfast which lead to our squash game being cancelled, normally I would have been agitated at that, but there was something quite adorable and mesmerizing about how I was in effect being told off for lack of a more truthful phrase, perhaps I was allowing someone to show that they cared? I don't know ...

I concluded my highlights of today with doggy cuddles that were naturally amazing! there was something about lying on the concrete in the sun with that dog g, for a moment or 2 I forgot the world and enjoyed bliss.

On another note I have been debating wither I should let this blog of mine be a bit more public as in more accessible to more people I know here, of course on many occasions in my writings I have changed many names and ages and locations ( I don't think I've changed races or have i? ) for privacy purposes of course since its a public forum at the end of the day , I am still considering it though, what do you think?