Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yes I am fully aware that I still have to write my Y,Z posts but frankly I am lacking in inspiration so they may not exist anytime soon soooooooo on to today's post!

I for some reason felt the need to share my day with you, you being the world of course, I was going to simply put a status with my urge to share what was on my mind through a Facebook status, but naturally the spidey senses prevented that, writing a blog felt right for some reason, perhaps it will break me out of the habit of not blogging !

Today is a day to celebrate ! because of all that political stuff that happened in America and California and stuff ( Yes please do excuse the ignorance I am  not always good with details) but Happy Marriage day ! i suppose they might start calling it that as of next year but happy one regardless!!

I had a few highlights of the day today, which is quite unusual for me considering the days have mostly been dragging lately, the first was seeing Tanja's happiness at the arrival of her mother, it was so so so heart warming, I am a sucker for happy reunions . The second is well the fact that I am quite proud of myself for I suppose not only listening but attempting to implement , it was kindly brought to my attention that I need to open up more and let people in and allow myself to be loved and cared for by other people, admittedly I don't really know how to do that very well , I had a dr's appointment today it was nothing serious but my friend offered to go with me none the less, I actually said yes despite the fact that I am a private person although I trust this friend and adore her to bits frankly , so I decided that it may perhaps be an opportunity to open up, after all it is a new kind of experience to share, and I think it went rather well .

In saying that she did via this appointment discover that I did not have breakfast which lead to our squash game being cancelled, normally I would have been agitated at that, but there was something quite adorable and mesmerizing about how I was in effect being told off for lack of a more truthful phrase, perhaps I was allowing someone to show that they cared? I don't know ...

I concluded my highlights of today with doggy cuddles that were naturally amazing! there was something about lying on the concrete in the sun with that dog g, for a moment or 2 I forgot the world and enjoyed bliss.

On another note I have been debating wither I should let this blog of mine be a bit more public as in more accessible to more people I know here, of course on many occasions in my writings I have changed many names and ages and locations ( I don't think I've changed races or have i? ) for privacy purposes of course since its a public forum at the end of the day , I am still considering it though, what do you think?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013



Enough said!


W is for water because I can't think of anything else that starts with a W that is as awesome as water, our planet is predominantly covered with it, our bodies are predominantly made of it! we literally can not live with out it, the main component of our cellular structure is water! yet we give it so little importance,instead we fill our bodies with drugs and juices and alcohol and energy drinks that just screw up the minerals and water levels in our bodies.
when in many cases all you need is healthy amounts of water daily and a good diet, yes i realize that this is not a coherent conversation that's ok, the point is Water is important! so take care of it, don't waste it as many people can only dream of clean drinkable water, don't pollute it , it is an entire eco system for millions of creatures.

W is also for wonder, something we lose track of so often , let us find or create some wonder in this lovely world of ours :D

well we couldnt have a W post without Wonka now could we!


V is for voices

I have to admit that I have a thing for voices, they can be soothing or aggravating, you can fall in love with someones voice ( OK you cant really but you can fall in like, and yes what they say plays a role also), I think they provide insight and stuff, and so I have decided that as soon as I figure this out ... Lou help please! my v post is going to be a clip of well me saying hello so you can hear my voice ! what do you think?


U also known as You !in a less hip more accurately spelled way.

I think this post should be about you , and so I suggest you tell me a little about yourself, I am willing to read anything you want to say :D

Tchoo Tchoo!

T is for trouble

now trouble comes in all shapes and sizes as we all know, there is the obvious trouble that gets you in to trouble as in criminal activities that gets you jailed, but that is not the subject of today's post , although I suppose T should be for time keeping which I have been beyond terrible at, 2 blogs, essays, stress, family, work, man flue  and a social life can be time consuming when you are not very good at multitasking .

Some people seem to be attracted to trouble, it is almost like there is a magnetism, or an addiction for lack of better terms, an addiction to having some sort of trouble regardless of how minimal in their life.When it isn't there they will cause it, which is sad unhealthy but more importantly hurtful , if you find yourself with that behavior or anybody else for that matter please try to stop or help, it has such a broad butterfly effect that can be devastating.

T is also for time but I don't know how that works exactly other than it goes fast when you are having fun and slow when you are not, time wasting though is something i know plenty about! yes I admit I am a procrastinator but that is only because i know my limitations and know things can still get done on time, in saying that although I am perfectly fine wasting my own time I despise having my time wasted, if you can not respect me and don't take me seriously or only want to analyze and test my reactions then you are wasting my time, when i say something i do mean it (95% of the time depending on the content, my plans for world domination are real damnit! ) so I can waste my time, you can not waste my time, because i don't really waste my own time i simply reallocate it regularly !

T is also for tuna and tremendous amounts of T words.

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Right then....

Warning: this post may seem slightly egotistical .

R is for Right

Which I am most the time, wither that is fortunate or unfortunate is still debatable, but it does not change the fact that I am mostly right.Quite cocky of me to say I know and I apologize, but this is something I have known for a long while and naturally I have to test the limitations , which i have done on many occasions, only to find that I am still mostly right unless guessing is involved and no logical thinking is used.

What is being right though? we don't live in a world by ourselves where there is only your standards and understandings to take in to consideration, although it would make things a bit easier ( you wouldn't have anybody but yourself to apply it to ! ), other angles of a situation must always be taken in to consideration this includes what other think, thought, and will think given what ever circumstances are occurring and the logic behind it.
Being right does not necessarily mean that you are right, it is really just a statistic your brain works out without you knowing how exactly that predicts the outcome of the situation, even if the outcome is wrong and not what you believe or want.

on many occasions I don't like being right because with me it is associated with hurt, hurt that can be avoided if I am willing to give up my self but then that will bring us to 2 other R words, if I avoid hurt it means I walk down the resent path and will forever resent if not hate myself because in some situations avoiding hurt leads you to become somebody that is not you, which brings us on to the final R word for today....

Do you know how I know I am right and how I don't look back? I do not have Regrets ( when it comes to things I have been right about ) and that is how I know I am right, if my conscience is clean and not regretting anything I know that I made the right choice/ decision, how do you know when you are right?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


this is a P-rex!

yes you can tell I am lacking in time and so this is me being creative!!

oh and i do love pizza !:D

Thursday, 18 April 2013

O mg?

So not only am I late and will most likely continue to be late till Monday, but I was having so much trouble finding an O word and just a minute ago it struck me!

O is for Once Upon a Time!!!

if you are unfamiliar with this amazing show that comes second only to Grey's anatomy and that is nothing more than a matter of loyalty .... GO WATCH IT! what on earth are you waiting for, have you been living under a rock in a desert in the middle of nowhere with a lizard sleeping on it ?
Seriously as stated previously , nothing I can say about this show can do it justice it is simply perfect...

Think about it... it has beautiful women I still call dibs for eternity on the evil queen so look at the other ones! it has a fantastic story line that does not fail to exceed expectations, it has FAIRY TALES!! if you are not a fairy tale fan then i no offence but you simply suck and you need to start liking them or we can't be friends .... yes yes that is unreasonable and i am a child at heart .

So goooo watch the show! yes Lou this does mean you !

I just love this picture look at that breath taking face ! no actually don't look at it ... DIBS!!!

No is one of my favorite words, not because I mean it but because I like how it flows when I say it, it is short concise and powerful, and of course I make it sound cool obviously.

But on a more serious note .... we often speak about the power of " YES!" and it is true this is a powerful word, however we often underestimate the power of "NO" , actually it more disrespect rather than underestimate, ever since we are little kidlings we jump at the yes, and always think that a no actually means maybe or yes if i nag enough.... which is fair enough as a child , most the wants are rather basic simple and somewhat harmless.

However this behavior can grow with some of us and No never means No, which creates a huge problem in society in my opinion, because we have learnt to disrespect the "NO", yes it is a very powerful word that can destroy lives in seconds such as a loan being declined , an application to school being refused anything really, it is quite disheartening when somebody simply says no , but don't let that no get in the way of achieving your dream because nobody can stand in your way of that.

But that doesn't mean that in certain situations we do not accept the no or we do not say no, when you are feeling pressured something you do not want to ... you can say no it is within your right and it does NOT! make you a bad person, No is a choice that you are allowed to make. When somebody is uncomfortable with your actions and says no stop you should respect that because if you don't you are in a way violating the other person's will.

it is true that No can destroy lives, but at times it can also save some.

sorry for the delay I am a bit behind courtesy of man flue and school!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Mantis shrimp is the BEST!

The Mantis Shrimp

Yes the purpose of this post is for you to click on that link right over there that says The Mantis Shrimp yes that one up there ^^^ click it... click it NOW! why are yous till here reading click it!! it is pure undiluted awesomeness it may include a rainbow of unidentified colours also...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

L is for the way you look at me...

L is for Logic!

Logic dictates that there is no reason to talk about love and life and laughter because let's face it , in one way or another we experience them daily, the use or interaction with logic however seems to be not only on the decrease, but almost facing extinction, which is pretty much saying that common sense should be renamed to rare sensibilities or uncommon sense.

Many things defy logic nowadays because people choose to deactivate that portion of the brain ( yes this is a metaphor and not scientifically accurate at all ) and ignore it, these things continue because the use of logic nowadays makes you stand out, and anybody that stands out is pretty much shot down, which is why evolution is prevented from intruding and making logic a normal every day thing.
Sadly it seems that people prefer having a lack of logic in their lives...

Something that struck me as illogical recently is scented toilet of course i had to find another use for it since it had a nice smell and it was quite soft i elected to use it for my nose whilst it battled a cold and that was good and comfortable, however for the life in me i do not get why it was invented..if we were dogs who greeted each other by sniffing arses I would completely understand it, however thankfully we do not use our nose or arse to greet each other in fact in many cases we barely use physical contact sometimes we even just talk from 2 meters away .

So! do we really need to make logic in to some sort of trend for people to realize just how amazing it truly is ? surely we have brains for reasons other than to satisfy basic physical needs... so why don't we bloody use them! if you have work in the morning logically you should not go out drinking till the wee hours of the morning the night before....
If you can not afford something... do not buy it.
If you are allergic to something.. do not eat it.
If you do not understand something...ask,read,research,learn.
If you can not stand someone... do not hang out with them.
if you regularly get colds without having any kind of physical reason why... start putting more clothes on.

Really it is soooo simple that it is sad when people do not use logic.
I actually can't think of anything that can not logically be solved.... try me !

Friday, 12 April 2013


I wanted to sing this and put a recording of it on here, but frankly i do not know how to ! so imagine me singing that :D

Thursday, 11 April 2013


We are living in a technology based era, one of its highlights is speed, you can receive your mail within seconds, you can be in another continent within a matter of hours, hell you can even have your grocery shopping delivered to you when you choose, machines do most the work and so everything is done much faster than it used to be.
Although this is highly convenient for the most part , it has made us rather impatient, we want everything done yesterday, now if you put aside how that does not benefit us within a work environment and what it actually costs us, we can focus on how it actually effects are personal lives and relationships with one and other.

Do you remember when the last time you got to know a random stranger was? someone who was not introduced to you by a friend or a work relation, somebody who's life isn't really that connected to yours at all(except well if you go to the same Ikea for example or walk your dog in the same park stuff like that is fine) when was the last time ? too long is the likely answer here and yes i will admit this applies to me too.

Do you know why it has been too long? because our lack of patience has lead us to make this error that we all try not to fall in to but do anyway, we make the mistake of judging others so quickly, most of us have grown to be judgmental people, now i am not saying you are a bad person, i am saying it is something we do without being completely aware of it, for example somebody might not want to say thank you or even smile at the cashier that served him/her because she has blue hair, or he has a scar on his face, or you avoid somebody because they may look scary to you, his shirt has a red stain on it oh god he must have been beating somebody up, oh it's a pit bull that is a vicious terrible creature! get my point?

Judging people is bad you don't know who they are what they are or the path they walk so don't do it! and by don't do it that does include don't judge yourself based on other people's behavior either( this is a conversation for another day .

Should I of talked about the Jabberwocky instead?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I am an Individual

Surely you saw this one coming! especially with it being in theaters in a couple of weeks!
I is for iron man!

ok ok I is not for Iron-man well it is but we won't talk about it, there is a number of things i could ideally talk about idealism being one of them or intimacy or intentions or even invitations but i will not.

"Everyone is like the rest of them that is why they are the rest "

What separates you from everybody else? we generally all have very similar features, granted some look slightly different some are shorter some are taller some are darker some are crazier , but what really is it that makes you different from your neighbor, your teacher or even your sibling?
what you identify as perhaps? no? ok you are right identity is only part of it but the truth is we really are the same , from the same mold..... the only thing that differentiates us from each other is what we do with the mold that we are given.

Individuality ! yes you are a unique individual there is only one of you even if you do look like the rest you hopefully do not behave like them( if you do then stop it !) the way each person reacts to the same set of events or situation is different even if it is a slight difference it is a difference, and these little things gathered together make a unique individual out of you !

Are you an Individual? what makes you shine....

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Honor Humbleness Humility Honesty Hastiness Hard-headed

These are all ingredients ( not all of the ingredients) that are involved in the making of a hero, super powers are not necessary after all you can have a superpower but if you lack the rest then you will most likely end up being something else.

What would you define a Hero?

To me it is a person that you can look up to possibly even idolize (although knowing they are not always right) because of what they stand for, someone that can go out of their way to make somebody else's life a little bit easier. A hero is someone that can make you believe not only in something bigger but also in your self!

Anybody can be a hero, it starts of with little things and grows with you, something as little as helping an old lady with her shopping or helping a blind man cross the road can be your first step towards being a hero.
Since  you do it because you believe it the number of people that will see you as a hero will be limitless although you do not know it, you may be somebodies inspiration to be a better person or even a new hero.

I have many inspiring heroes in my life ok yes p!nk isn't exactly in my life but she is still a hero to me!
can you spot your heroes?


Hats are absolutely awesome!

Monday, 8 April 2013


Gingers are people that usually get picked on due to their fiery red hair and very pale complexion, they usually have freckles too!
I am guilty of picking on gingers (particular ones) and that is because the ginger people I know are quite feisty so it is quite fun.
It is also something edible, well you can cook with it or boil it in water and drink it, that is extremely healthy for you, it is good for lowering diabetics blood sugar or losing weight, and a variety of other things that I elect not to Google right now J

G is for grandparents! And grasshoppers

And G is for Gravity
Gravity is a force that pulls you towards something or draws you to it if you will; no I am not talking about the apple that fell on newton’s head, I am talking about how you unexpectedly find yourself gravitating to somebody, it is scary and amazing and exciting and unexplainable all at the same time!


Ok F is not particularly an easy one because I have already wrote about freedom and forgiveness, and sooooo for the last couple of days I have been having Fun!
 So F is for Family!

You meet people in your life that you can’t help but bond with for a variety of different reasons; over time that bond grows stronger without you even realizing it, now some people are blessed with this through blood relations also so the same things apply.
Family are the people you can simply be yourself with, no walls, no guards, no pretending, no fake smiles, you can for the most part rely on them. The people you don’t need to explain things to just to prevent making a bad impression, hell you don’t need to make any impression because they love you regardless, and life is flavourless without them, yes little critters such as dogs also count as family.
Families come in all shapes and sizes they can vary from a just a couple to a large variety of parents children uncles aunts and zoo animals, there is no limit!
But see for people that come from a less fortunate background because of blood relations find it very difficult to establish these family connections/bonds, this is due to Fear.
Fear prevents us from experiencing the most amazing things, soooooo lets enjoy our families and not let fear get in the way of life .

Friday, 5 April 2013


E is for Equality, now this is going to be a fairly simple short post for all intents and purposes.This being due to the fact that I believe my self to be a fairly good intelligent logical man for the most part, unless chocolate is involved or steak or pie... any how! this also applies to the company i keep and all you lovely readers so!

To put it simply without lecturing or prolonging... we are all born equals, regardless of , background,colour,ethnicity,clothing style,sexual orientation, financial background,religion,beliefs and many other things i can't think of at the time being, we are equal, we all have a nose and 2 eyes and arms and legs and brains, granted some brains seem to be of better quality but that is neither here nor there( as long as they stay there).

Nobody is born better than any one else and nobody dies better than any one else, however in saying that some people do strip themselves from the right of being equal to other human beings by not being human beings basically ( this is my personal opinion of course) like people who without a valid reason which does include a mental condition, kill in cold blood especially if they kill kids, rapists naturally , and animal abusers, naturally the list goes on but you get the gist of it, if you behave like less than a human you naturally will  not be equal to  a human.

So! we are Equals, any body who tells you other than that is an inbred heathen .

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Delightful !


My favorite part of the night is dreams! because! I know you I walked with you once upon a dream... I know you the gleam in your eyes is soooo familiar a gleam.

Ok ok we are not talking about those kind of dreams its more the longer lasting ones, what did you dream of being when you were a little humanling ? my current dream is to take over the world :D  I am quite passionate about this because there is so much that needs fixing , since authorities and authority figures do pretty much nothing i would like to be the authority figure that makes them do it, so unfortunately that means world domination by ME! ( don't worry you will all enjoy it).

Dreams come in all shapes forms and sizes, it is one of those few things that we all can have, it doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like, where you come from or what colour your socks are! anybody can have any dream they want to be honest any one can also achieve that dream... unless its something impossible for the time being like talking sharks or ridiculous like a human sized smurf (size matters!)

Always always always! have a dream, allow yourself to dream and most importantly! do not let anybody get in the way of your dreams or tell you that they don't matter,or that they are stupid, or that they are impossible, AND if any body does try to say that .....tell them they can mind their own darn dreams, because they are just jealous they can not be as creative as you are :D

Now listen to this song and dreaaaaam a little dream of me ( i may have gotten a bit carried away and started singing there but shhh )

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

C is for ....


Lately I have been volunteering more of my time trying to help people with this Wizpert thing, where basically I get messaged and have a chat with people who want relationship advice, which is great. Sadly though what I have noticed is the main issue in the majority of people I have talked to is a lack of clear communication.

Now I have no intentions of rambling on about what a person may be doing wrong and why they should stop it, frankly most people who do not communicate properly are aware of that and choose to continue so! Instead of dwelling on the negative I am going to tell you what you get out of good communication with your partner, or even a relative or a friend!

A Successful Relationship.

Yes it is that plain and simple, the key to success is communication, talking and putting your thoughts across shows that you care, it shows that you are making an effort, it shows that you are nurturing, and that you are there! really there not just a body whilst you are absent in essence. Naturally listening and patience play a role when it comes to good communication but think of it this way … you get what you give, I realise this may seem odd talking about emotions and behaviour in this way but it is the most simple way to put it, if you use good quality material and you work hard the outcome will be a product of good quality, so you are the material, the hard work is communication amongst a variety of other things and the end product is a strong relationship.

It is scary at times I know, being honest putting yourself out there and of course the possibility that you are the only one attempting to communicate, but don’t let that put you off, we all need a little push every now and then, it is quite refreshing when you find someone that is willing to make an effort until you feel comfortable enough to start letting go of the fear, don’t you agree?

Oh and of course Chocolate and Cake make communication much lighter and easy!

That is a chocolate chip cookie cake in case you are wondering, if you make me this i will love you forever and ever...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B is for....

Bernese mountain dog!!! oh I want one I want one I want one !!!


This is the original word for B today however it has been changed, in saying that I am still going to give my 5 cents about Bambam regardless! Yes this does refer to Bambam from the Flintstones cartoon/movie.
The way I see it the pressure to be more macho and express machoness is on the increase lately which is not necessarily bad, sadly the perception of macho counteracts my statement of not necessarily bad …… nowadays machoness is being a Bambam from the strength perspective not the full on strong chivalrous silent nice guy , which makes me sad.

Males using physical strength to prove that they are manlier or that they are superior, just to feel better, this is completely wrong on every level.
Why is it that we are at an age and time where being nice, respectful, a gentleman in essence is not good enough?

That is a rhetorical question that I know the answer to but do you? And how can we stop this caveman phenomenon from spreading?

Monday, 1 April 2013

A is for Acceptance

Acceptance such a small word ( in comparison with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) with such a life changing impact if you do it right , i have no idea why my font just suddenly changed but lets accept it and move on :p

To Accept something means to believe that regardless of what this something is, it is likely to be a fact, an obstacle, something you can do nothing about (not without hurting somebody anyway), something different perhaps even new that can bring change or provides the potential for change anyway .
As humans a large majority of us fear change we are mostly raised to treat different is bad or wrong, and so we retaliate we try to prevent change from occurring , we are stubborn and we pay dearly to avoid accepting things, naturally by we I actually only mean a large proportion of humans I don't mean me and you and you and you oh and even you , in fact I do not include myself in this category most the time , so basically we fight hard to keep things the way they are because honestly we don't think that any good can come of change , regardless of what history has proven.

This has lead me to believe that acceptance in essence is simply acknowledging that fear and getting over it , believing that maybe just maybe  more good will come from this than bad, perhaps it is just as basic as believing that ultimately everything is going to be alright.

Acceptance comes in a all shapes and sizes, it varies from the smallest of things to things that make millions of people protest, but the truth is the way it works the way you get to it is the same regardless. If you regularly take a morning walk or jog for example and this one morning it was pouring down you can either say oh well and stay at home because it was raining thinking that you are simply accepting the fact and dealing with it ( which you wouldn't be , that is acknowledging not accepting) or you could realize that unless you live in a very muddy area where you would be likely to slip , that it doesn't matter if its raining hell it is more enjoyable ! and you need to wash your clothes and get in the shower after you are done anyway so it does not really make a difference .....

ok not the most inspiring of examples but serves the purpose! Accepting bring power it provides you with inner strength to do what may be necessary which at times is nothing, it does not change you or your essence it does not make you weak or less of a person au contrair ! I have found accepting difference to provide more flavour and variety in life hell it spices it up making it more colourful , i am currently accepting that blogger is being stupid and giving me red squiggly lines because i am using British spelling.... you can feel free to read the rest of the blog in a British accent now :D

This word is particularly dear to me because I am an outcast in my blood family anyway for being different, but this journey of not being accepted and treated like a monster has opend my eyes to how accepting of other people i am , the most difficult kind of acceptance is accepting yourself or in my case accepting that i was fighting fr a lost cause , that was hard for me to accept because i thought i was close to my father, but now that i have accepted that i am finding my strength to be myself .

I know it isn't an easy thing to do in fact it requires a reasonable amount of courage to truly accept the things we can not change , but when you do it can make the world of difference not only to you but sometimes to somebody else too .

Equal marriage for example ...( no that was not the reason i chose this word !!)it does not effect you regardless of if you are straight, christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, a-sexual,dog,cat,car,fire truck,sponge bob, Easter bunny , you surely get the point ....  it does not effect you , it will not change your life in the slightest, but by accepting it ,  it will change the lives of so many people...

Bottom line kids ... Acceptance is good , Ignorance is harmful 

Oh and I am quite sorry that this blog was not inspirational ,my brain is fuzzy for some reason , hopefully the next ones will be better :D

Accept yourself... you are Amazing. 

Friday, 29 March 2013

I completely forgot! it is almost April ....

Bring on the Challenge!

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Dessertation any one ?

Well you can obviously see what is on my mind ! dissertation or cake or both !

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The rest of the days

Day 24. Your favorite movie & what it’s about.
I don't have a favorite movie in all honesty I like too many , I like all Queen Latifah movies , I generally likes movies that leave you inspired like patch adams I also like most sandra bullock movies , funny movies meaningful movies , superhero magical movies! yeah i don't have a favorite :p 

Day 25. Someone who fascinates you and why.
I want to talk about one particular person but I won't because frankly I am mad at her which makes this a difficult question.

Marie is a friend very dear to my heart, she never ceases to fascinate me every single time we talk , she is the friendliest most warm hearted kindest person that i ever know with abnormal strength in fact i would go as far as thinking of her as a mighty woman  , she is beautiful in every single way that you can possibly think of , very brave very passionate about every thing she believes in and everyone she loves , somebody i admire and look up to and could not imagine my life without .

Day 26. What kind of person attracts you.

In Theory  I believe that I am attracted to smart women who are kind, witty, funny,strong of heart and strong of mind, women that stand their own ground and don't take shit from anyone , women that can tell the difference between a male and a man , old fashioned yet modern if that makes sense , someone that doesn't mind change or challenge , but most importantly someone that is just normal and down to earth that although hopefully honest and loyalm has flawsm that may talk too much and whine and be at times un realistic , that likes to potentially come up with crazy ideas or even new colours , a real woman a human being , that is the person i am attracted too. 

Day 27. A problem that you have had
ok fine fine not all humans , just the majority of the ones i know that i would not consider real humans.

Day 28. Something that you miss.
My Uncle .

29. Goals for the next 30 days.
Write my dissertation ! which is why I am finishing this challenge today so I can focus on writing it this week and presenting my supervisor with a draft.

Day 30. Your highs and lows of this month!

Do NOT!!! get me started.

Day 23

Day 23. Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous whom you find attractive.
Unfortunately I will not be providing this because I do not find men attractive however I shall post 5 pictures of BEAUTIFUL women , now I can't post the women I would want to post because they are not famous so let us go for some famous lassies shall we ? oh and they are not in order!!

ok fine i have to add 2 more!!!


Day 20. How important you think education is.

Education is literally a weapon for more than one reason, it can be used for fighting ignorance , to get a semi decent job and you kinda have to read so you can hit people with books, ok ok no seriously especially with the way the world is now an education gives you an advantage or a push for you to be chosen for a job so to speak it also gives you another opportunity to network and meet new people but more importantly it opens many doors!
of course there is no need for me to go in to how important it is especially for women outside of first world countries , it becomes a life line that can free you and ensure a future , there isn't much more i would want to add to be honest education is important i think of it as vital and everyone should have the opportunity to have a proper education at any stage of life.

Day 21. One of your favorite shows.
 Well this is a tough one , it is a toss between Greys anatomy and Once upon a time, Once upon a time is going to have to win though purely because of the magical aspects and my ongoing imaginary relationship with Regina !

Cmon it has beautiful women , a magnificent story line or well lines ! and it is DISNEY! based or fairy tale based whichever you prefer they are one in the same to me , so what is not to love ? the effects are pretty awesome too .

Day 22. How have your changed in the past 2 years.
I would say refer to the previous post about the highs and lows of the last year, I have also learnt to be cold and more self reliant , I have learnt that sometimes you have to put yourself first although I am still bad at that , I have learnt that there are always people that will love you for who you are and you should not let them go , the little things are all that matter the little things are what make the big picture not the grand gestures, of course there is the usual women are confusing as fuck! how am i supposed to know what you want if you don't know what you want even after saying what you want which is not really what you want! and yeah just refer to the previous post :p

I have also learnt though that I am good at handling bad situations although my patience is something i am currently disliking.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Days 18 & 19

                                                          Day 18. Your beliefs.

There is too much that I believe in so elaborating on all of it will render me responsible for providing you with laser eye surgery or glasses and a trip to the doctor at the very least , so how about I just mention some of the things that I believe in ?
I believe in Santa and no that is not absurd ! I believe in magic it dwells within all of us  the only difference is that we do not all have the capability of recognizing it in ourselves in others or even seeing the wonder in our surroundings .  I believe that beauty is everywhere , literally everywhere if you look closely enough and Joy is always lurking at the next corner , it likes to play hide and seek but it does exist !.
I believe that the majority of the human race are vile horrible creatures and that is because they do not use or even acknowledge their hearts any more . I believe that you can be anything and anybody that you wish to be, that there are no limitations whatsoever and the only thing that stands on your way easy, or the obstacle is that you allow to be put in your way.
I believe that every person is Superman, that we do not really know how strong we are but there is magnificent strength that resides within us.
I believe in respect I believe in order and loyalty, in humanity in chocolate in the potential that goodness still exist, i also believe that kindness solves many problems, that crying is not weakness that you do not need to be strong to be brave, and that a warm voice or  a smile (preferably combined) can make the worst day better .

is this enough as far as beliefs go ?

Day 19. Disrespecting your parents.

are we talking they asked you to butcher your cow that you raised since it was a calf and you refuse too , or they disapprove of  you living with your partner prior to marriage disrespectful or God forbid you are attracted to someone of the same sex disrespectful ( do you feel the sarcasm there ? )

or just plane old go to your room ! NO! I WONT YOU CANT MAKE ME !!! disrespectful?

Unless it is a good reason and it is unavoidable although you still have to be kind , you are never to be purposefully disrespectful to your parents , and let me clarify by parents i do not simply mean blood related , anybody that has played a parent figure in your life counts , you are never ever ever to be disrespectful for no reason and whenever you lose your temper and find yourself being disrespectful you show up with flowers you apologies and ask for forgiveness . If you were not fortunate and you were landed with bad parents you still try your best to be respectful consider it one of your tests in life , believe it or not it turns you in to a better person I mean look at me I didn't turn out so bad now did i ? ( the only valid answers here are yes you are alright , you are bloody awesome , you are so fantastic! etc..)

I will not lecture so bottom line is do NOT disrespect your parents , it is wrong on so many levels , and it will haunt you sooner or later.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day 17

                                    Day 17. Your highs and lows of this past year.

Now by this last year are we talking about the last 50 odd days in 2013 or are we talking about since February 2012? 
I suppose the later includes the first sooo here goes !

It was a Fucking horrible year ! (that started June 2011 and continues ) , so Since February  I was mostly on a diet that was horrible and the worst part is that despite sticking to every word of it I didn't lose any weight but nay bother nay bother , we all know my ordeal with therapy at the time that continued till June physically and till December via Skype it did not work it caused damage that was not previously there and has also caused much consequences because although I tried to get over my pride to see if maybe I was wrong the therapist could not do the same and as it turns out I am right ! ( there is always a possibility that  am wrong of course ) but I am still right ! and I am fine I erm just do not have a healthy psychological or emotional environment at the moment and considering the history of this environment I am quite proud that I am not a psychopathic serial killer crazy person among many other things sooo ! yes horribleness , to add to the horribleness the one uncle that I really really liked even if he wasn't the best of characters he always treated me with respect and supported me no matter what , he always had something nice to say , yes he was a lazy selfish coward i will not lie , but with me he was nice and he taught me how to be a gentleman I could do with learning from his sense of style too to be honest , well he passed away and that broke my heart especially that he was just starting to get better and then I had a dream where in reality he was saying goodbye to me , ok i can't talk about this I am tearing up and we can't have that !!!

So the third day of his funeral our great aunt died and the third day of her funeral some other relative died too but it wasn't somebody i knew and the funeral was not held at our house , oh 2 weeks before my uncle died my aunt died , i use the term aunt very loosely because we were roughly the same age she lost the battle to cancer and she was also one of the sweetest purest people i ever knew and the only dentist i liked . Did I mention all this happened during Ramadan in the middle east with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees mostly and electricity gone 80% of the day ? which meant no air conditioning no fans and no water because water pumps required electricity in a house of very emotional people that did not always get a long ? in fact for the first week there was roughly 30-50 people there that stayed and hundreds in total that kept showing up . So emotional horrible summer but see I met my late aunt's mother and sisters and they are just amazing people I visited them regularly and checked if they needed anything because it felt right and they treated me as if i was one of their own in all honesty which was sweet especially since I was VERY out of place in that country .

So yes it was a loooong year of heart ache that started roughly just before February ( and continues ) and then more heart ache around June/July , I am unsure if getting used to falling asleep to the sound of bullets is considered good or bad but that happened too , there was much gore and blood and tanks and guns .I believe that there was someone something watching over me that entire year because I was inches away from death at every corner I went.

And my car got stolen which was heart breaking also i loved that car !! we got along so well , we had so much history we shared blood and oil .

Sooooo lets get to some highlights because I don't want to remember any more of the bad stuff , Jack & Sophie ! they gave me hope and they helped me , I loved those pups and once I settle down I want a rescue dog or to at least volunteer with them , I went home it was 15 months over due although my friends had moved I met some new friends , and got in touch with the ones still here apparently stories were told as i was absent because when i walked in to my volunteering place my boss's new assistant whom i did not know gave me the :-O OMG its you ! face ok she actually said it too and my boss pretty much cried whilst squeezing me ( i must be special !) that was soooo heart warming beyond belief after all that time being brainwashed in to thinking you are a freak and you are mentally ill (which i fought all the way ) to have someone just be glad that you are there and you are you and be grateful for that, was mind blowing , no to mention all my friends that were so supportive and kept me going throughout this time period i would be in a loony bin in Egypt somewhere if it weren't for you and i love you all dearly !
I met new people since I got home who actually worry and have threatened to beat me with a stick if i said i was ok when i wasn't which is lets say new ? they are as surprised as i am , actually they are more in shock about how easy i am to be around and how it feels like we have known each other forever which is also new but nice to know that somebody knows everything and just accepts you for who you are without making you feel like a monster , yes i am blessed with many friends like that but its always good to have friends near you too that can apparently beat you with a stick ..... 
I managed to get a job in a lab which is awesome ! no no not because I have easy access to chemicals my boss is awesome and I can make god knows what noooooo of course not ! ( insert pretendy evil laugh )because when I apply for my next job soon hopefully I can say yes  I do have lab experience , although finding a graduate job is difficult I am still going to try who knows it might mean moving to the states or Canada.
I joined an Archery society and discovered that I want a bow and plenty of arrows at my disposal ! I also joined a humanist society and was made part of its well actually come to think of i don't know what they made me but the union will communicate with me anyway ! and I offered to help with a love music hate homophobia event , although the captain of the LGBT society is a complete dick and I intend to fight with him at my earliest convenience as I dislike being lied to or my friends being lied to or anyone being lied to, really just to make himself look good that is a big no no ! and  I will not stand for it , you either lead properly or stand down let somebody else do the job .

Lets see what else happened , oh it snowed!!! how I loved the snow and! although I am against Easter merchandise being in stores since January , I can't help but think it is an opportunity for me to catch up on last Easter that I missed ! so I have been indulging in Easter eggs and bunnies , I think watching Les Miserables has to count as a highlight too as is the fact that i am learning how to sing the songs and my voice is not all that horrible which is a plus . 
I discovered that I am a kind man not just a generous one but also a kind man which well I did not think I was.

So Ladies and Ladies and Gent( I doubt there are many gents that read this  which would mean i should target my female audience and take advantage of that ! )

I am not going to make this blog any longer than it already is as to not bore you are anything , although we know the truth is I can't think of anything else , wait i can ! the A-Z challenge that was AWESOME! and its back again this year ! AND!!! Lady G has an awesome D day post I am very very very very patiently waiting for !

ok now i will actually shut up :p

Because you have been so patient and read all this you can make this with me .

Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 14. Your earliest memory.
This is a tough one especially since I actually have developed memory issues within the last year ( yes we know why that happened!) I remember the ice cream van oh i remember i had a toy bull that completely 
disappeared, oh and that i liked running around in my underwear and shouting like tarzan , does that count as my earliest memory ? 

Day 15. Your favorite blogs
hmmm there are so many I like lou lou's blog of course that goes without saying, one of my favorite blogs has to be Ali Brosh's which can be found at just love it and pretty much all the blogs she has advertised ,  naturally the lovely Marnie's blog is just Bloody amazing ! this is a pretty awesome blog too actually if i keep going i am going to just post all the blogs on my favorites !!

Day 16. Your views on mainstream music.
is it disney? is it jazzy? is it classicy? can i sing it ? if its not then my view is that I do not like it !

But I do generally love music especially acoustic , or maybe i just love listening to certain people's voices? it might be a bit of both because i just adore a good pair of pipes! Lady G has a decent set on her , lizzy does too when she doesn't burst in to giggles, there is a lass called lona who literally has the voice of an angel , there are many more i know and to me they are my mainstream music :)

And ! I was discussing earlier with somebody I heard a song that was a blast from the past " The Ugly Bug Ball" listen to it !!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Days 12 & 13

Day 12. Your dream college.
Believe it or not I actually did not have a dream college never had , I wanted to be a Dr a surgeon to be exact but that dream did not occur , I like my current University its nice small friendly , and to be honest once i can afford graduate/post graduate studies I will not be fussed where it is as long as it has a good forensic/genetics/anthropology department I will be content, I would even consider a place in the states as long as its nice and not too big .

But if we are talking dreams well My dream college is the one that is going to offer me a scholarship to do some research :D

Day 13. Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

I want to move somewhere not in the middle of no where but also not right in the middle of the city perhaps a suburb near a city with a big yard , good Lord I am aging!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I believe I have developed a headache due to mentally banging my head continously for a prolonged period of time on an imaginary wall ..

True story

tis a music day!!

Day 11. Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the 10 songs that pop up

  1. kiss the girls - samual e wright
  2. the awakening - james morrison 
  3. how to save a life - boyce avenue version
  4. hello again - amos lee 
  5. bad influence-p!nk
  6. age of not believing - angela lansbury
  7. frank d fixer- jason mraz
  8. walk of shame -p!nk
  9. the truth about love-p!nk
  10. keep holding on 

and my favorite ! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Combined days

Day 8. A moment you felt most satisfied in your life {your happiest moment}
I have been racking my brain and I honestly do not have a one go to happiest moment, a couple i could think of were ruined shortly after so  they can't count and the rest well they are of the usual nothing that particularly stands out so when i think of something i will be sure to share .

Day 9. How you hope your future will be like.

Day 10. Discuss your first love and first kiss.
Absolutely not! i will tell you it was nothing special though and lacked the magic of it all.

ok so I am not particularly in a good writing mood I just had a horrible nightmare that has my chest clenched 2 hours later soooooooooo i bid you all goodnight , if you have tips on how to get over a nightmare do let me know ive never had one this bad it may not be that bad but i was friggin crying in it .... i dont cry!!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Day 6

                    Day 6:Write 30 interesting things about yourself {Things others may not know

  1. I have only cut myself shaving 3 times.
  2. I like walking barefoot or in socks.
  3. prefer pencils to pens
  4. more spiritual than actually religious
  5. I find it difficult to write things about myself especially things that other people may not know because i am mostly an open book
  6. I am only about 5'5 .But I make up for the rest with pretendy singing.
  7. Love hats! although the post about Freddie the Fedora may have given that one away .
  8. I used to be a cutter many many moons ago.
  9. Have never done a tour of London .
  10. My brain has a thing for accents .
  11. I am not a "playa/man whore" and my naturally sweet disposition is actually not me flirting.
  12. Me and heat are not good friends neither are me and humidity, in fact we are enemies.
  13. I do take pride in my argumentative nature
  14. Very seldom am I wrong .
  15. My temper is very bad and at times scary , not in an oh god he is going to beat me up scary no no more of an he is too quiet what should i expect scary.
  16. I have a good poker face apparently yet I have never played poker in my life .
  17. Although I like killing everybody in my video games such as my notorious assassin strategy in the Hitman game which consists of killing every single person ! I am not even remotely violent in reality .
  18. I am not an interesting person.
  19. There is a possibility of 76% that I would be willing to have pizza in my daily diet , if it was not that unhealthy and causes you to take a round shape closer to the ground.
  20. Believe it or not I am a shy person
  21. Despite my previously discussed sweet kind disposition and at times way with words , I haven't a clue how to talk to women in a romantic sense .
  22. I haven't really heard a new song in months and months and months, more fond of old jazzy music .
  23. At times I prefer not to talk to people and actively avoid them.
  24. I smile at strangers.
  25. Did I mention I like hats? because I realllly like hats! and no they do not cover any baldness!
  26. Anthropology is rather fascinating .
  27. My heart has been bruised for over a year , or was it my ego ? no think it was my heart .Actually it was probably just my ego.
  28. I almost always shed a tear when watching Dumbo and Bambi.
  29. I do not possess the ability to scream, hopefully no dangerous situation which will require screaming makes itself available because I will fail .
  30. I am EXTREMELY analytical and it at times ties in with my emotional malfunctionism, my spidey senses are not bad either .( doesnt help when i feel like ive screwed up because usually it means i did even if i didnt ! think i may have screwed up today somehow on this blog not sure how just yet though )

So maybe not that interesting but the truth is as number 20 suggests ,  I am not an interesting person who says interesting things or leads a terribly exciting life but at least I can take a joke !
right ?

31.I always keep my promises even if they do not make sense or end up hurting me , the only loop hole with that is many people forget that I always keep my promises and think they are void after communication seizes or something , but i actually still do keep 95% of my promises and try to keep the rest.

This post feels quite empty without any pictures don't you think ?

This picture was Lady G's suggestion after I pressured her in to suggesting a picture so if its girly ( like I think it is ) blame her :)

she was also kind enough to remind me of number 32, and give me this awesome picture she took her self!

32.I am a Feminist and proud .not in the traditional feminist way though , more the we are equal ok maybe i am a humanist ?