Saturday, 31 March 2012

Challenge Accepted

Tomorrow is Sunday which means the challenge begins and of course my brain is all " Seriously?! you couldn't think of a better thing to do with your time other than show how bad your grammar is and how you are bad at following rules which in this case is writing brief wee blogs, and put me on the spot! you know know my creativity jumps out of your ears when  you pressure me like that!"  so there is a slight possibility that after reading so many Amazing!( to say the least ) blogs in the last few days and comparing how whiny my documentation of my current experience is .... that there is the possibility of feeling a wee bit inadequate but no bother! the point is to meet new people and of course the main reason is as follows...

a couple of weeks ago I finished reading Danny Wallace's book " Yes man" which I initially thought was the same as the movie but would be a bit more awesome, turns out it was the same concept but the story was entirely different and of course there was some pride at the fact that it was British, anyway in my attempts to find some less negative aspects in my situation it was decided that there is no reason why I could not be a Yes Man too..... and so " YES" will  be the correct answer for any opportunity that comes my way within reason of course ( I am not going to swim home if asked to for example or walk to Russia or dye my  hair pink wearing pink boxers is still being debated however although i am against it still) .

Now the only problem was my father arrived shortly after that decision was made and he has injured his knee so I have been pretty much a care taker for a dad and a couple of crazy puppies, along side the previous isolation it limited the opportunity for opportunities so apart from my therapist saying i should try something new like trying to be the opposite of who i am which i do not know if it is considered an opportunity or not I said yes to it none the less just in case ( never know how the rules of karma are working nowadays ) and of course tried but failed so it has to count! apart from that this A-Z challenge is the first thing that resembled an opportunity that has come my way ( ok that is not entirely true i can't say resembled when the precise line was "This is a great opportunity to discipline yourself, grow as a blogger, and make new friends – come join us! ") and of course being a Yes Man aside, the word challenge automatically communicates with the stubborn part of my brain ( which constitutes roughly 68% of it ) resulting in Challenge Accepted....

of course the lovely Lou Lou accepted the challenge today too which is going to make the experience much more fun! I think I read somewhere in the rules that were only skimmed through (SORRY! short attention span her ) that a theme should be chosen so to save myself thinking the theme is whatever pops in my head which is pretty much saying my theme is randomness right?

The point is to have fun have a laugh if not meet new people  I know it will at least make a couple of people that read my gibberish chuckle :D

Good day and good luck!

p.s: I am feeling a wee bit cheeky thus more people need to be challenged.

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