Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day

What in your opinion makes a mother?

 is it giving birth or the breast feeding the nurturing the diaper changing the long long nights the taking to school and teaching and educating and Dr visits ? the silly songs to get you to eat the cakes to cheer you up the kind tooth fairy, Santa even? the sheltering or possibly the driving lessons the conversation about " the one" and how you do not meet him / her when you are a teenager, the arguments about college, or cleaning your room, laundry, home cooked food, reading to you , the naughty step/corner, making sure you eat that darn broccoli ?

could be a variety of things that would possibly make a decent mother but the truth is anybody can do that many are even paid to do most of the above however there is one thing that distinguishes a mother from the rest and no biology /genetics / blood type is absolutely not it, I would have to say it is genuine caring.

not because she has to , not because she is obligated and is responsible otherwise she is a sinner in the eyes of God the Church the Mosque and social services and of course Santa would put her on the naughty list, or because there is material gain out of it even if it is in the long run.

Takes a kind warm understanding heart to be a mother to put up with all our crap and shower us in discipline kind and warmth in hopes we learn something that will armor us against the big bad nasty world ( which is precisely what the world has become in case you have not noticed ).

Now a mother is of vital importance in a child's life due to most of what is above and in an adult's life because well everyone needs a mom! unless your a fish you can settle for a cool dad as the movie " finding nemo" demonstrates , however many of us are not lucky enough to have a mother thankfully God has blessed us with Mother Figures who are just as awesome as a real mom! xcept you don't necessarily get to spend as much time with them sadly however this day is for them too!

For every woman that has cared and contributed in the life of a child a man a woman or evenit  a pet ( unless its a fish, if you can eat it without society frowning upon you then it can not be a pet ) I would like to say thank you  it is appreciated we are lucky to have you and are grateful , to all you wonderful Mothers out there that give somebody a reason to smile and hope that there is possible salvation for humanity Iwish you a delightful Mother's day.

and for the smart arse ones that are going to say ours is in May not now I say shush and embrace the extra celebratory day that I Me Almighty am encouraging you to take advantage of, you are special one extra day of acknowledging that will not result in an attack by pigeons with diarrhea !

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