Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Isolation day 5

last night I slept more than I did on any given night within this last week , yes it was very disturbed sleep so to speak , not continuous which was ok since i checked on the pups almost every hour but it was not too difficult to fall back to sleep, so I am impressed with myself even if I must say it myself ! thought this drug might of screwed up my sleep for ever and that the will power to not take it for the sake of sleep and sanity would overcome the will to wean my mind of it, this is why i do not like drugs, my mood has been fantastic without it my sleep is returning somewhat so the presence of medication is far from necessary.

Also my appetite today is virtually non existent which leads me to believe the excessive hunger and lack of losing weight despite a strict diet was part of the drug side effects, in saying that.... one still feels like having a gigantic pizza, which i presume is medium size in the states, see what is considered large for us is probably small in the states as far as pizza sizes go a large american pizza is equivalent to a 3-4XL pizza in the UK, so tis only natural that my craving is for the american pizza wouldn't you think?

tyke tried to get up more today he also pooped twice.... YAY!! no no brace yourself I am not crazy not just yet anyway, but see bowel movement is essential for a healthy puppy so having a puppy that can not stand or walk and is constipated... is NEVER a good sign, thankfully we are back to just lil tyke being very fond of gravity today and attempts to overcome his potential disability , mind you on that note a pup's poop can tell you things about it's previous owner /breeder , based on my poop analysis of tyke and nameless ( i don't even know why i am calling him tyke i kinda decided not to name them because no names means less attachment)
the previous owner has no idea how to handle a dog nor what to feed a puppy and what he has been feeding or what he has not been feeding them is the more suitable statement , is the cause for the size of the small one, hopefully it is also the reason for tyke's movement issues

The weather is nice today cool not warm, which meant a hairdryer had to be used on the lil ones after they had a bath, they didn't like it much but soon settled down, i did get bitten by the smaller one whilst feeding them this morning though.... she thought my finger was food has a good strong jaw must admit.

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