Friday, 16 March 2012

St Paddy's


I am proud and pleased to announce that I now have a semi walking puppy! the use of the word semi was not a fluke it is quite intentional see he is getting the hang of walking and also trying to pounce on his small but fiesty sister ( who just happens to be good at holding her own and pouncing back almost tearing his ears off thankfully her size does not permit that ) as I was saying he is semi walking because he is a lazy bugger no surprise there and he does not take no for an answer, it was a battle of wills i wanted him in his designated place next to me he wanted to be on my lap starts coming over i pick him up and put him back and he just starts walking over again.

Tomorrow is St Paddy's day, now I will not claim to know anything about it other than everyone dress's like the hulk this includes beer eggs and well the green cat i saw earlier today or like Pro Gadaffi supporters / the previous Libyan flag , and get severely intoxicated, have fun , puke the contents of their digestive system on to the closest surface depending on the level of intoxication of course some people have ample amounts of self control and can keep it in till they reach a bathroom, it is also a good time for a weekend get away.

soooooo I would like to say to everyone who celebrates it for wither it is for the Irish religious aspect or the green aspect of the day , Have fun! do something you will regret ( not on the long run though) be safe and try not to get caught on video doing something stupid that will most likely be put on you tube, however if you are that awesome and manage that do share the link !

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