Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yesterday was not particularly a nice day my therapist telling me she likes me and she will miss me during the weekend between arguing did not help and struck me not particularly professional but she at least acknowledged that my stubbornness is impossible to change. Remembering that fact and running into a couple of awesome blogs yesterday which were 100 days of bliss, 366 random acts of kindness oh and an A-Z challenge kinda blog which was awesome, and was reminded that things could be far worse in addition to the fact that I just survived war a dirty dirty badly planned barely any strategy planned war!

so in conclusion to that paragraph... what the fuck was I thinking giving up, I have never allowed anyone to bring me down like that there is no reason to start now also my writing has been too depressing and whiny thus one needs to change!

here is to change! in writing style and adding more positive thinking to my day also possibly try to find more inspiring things, maybe try to extent my patience a wee bit more too ?

I am finding the more i am accused of being emotionless or feeling-less, the more i realize that i should continue telling the people that i care about exactly how i feel and so trying to do that more often and due to that I am rather inclined to say Thank you to Marie for being a magnificent friend and threatening to kick my arse should i ever change.

This A-Z challenge seems well challenging but fun! basically you are to write every day other than Sundays throughout the month of April which brings it to 26 days which is yes you guessed it! the number of letters in the alphabet, there are more rules I think but i erm forgot to read them all?

so that is what I am trying as of well Monday i suppose ! hmmm also tempted to challenge a couple of friends to do this, what say you?

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