Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Dragons, big sometimes slimey smooth reptilian gigantic Massive Intelligent wise creatures, some would say they are mythical some would say magical we can all agree there is an air of magnificent mystique that surrounds a dragon or even the idea of one( unless you are one of the few grumpy people that do not believe in the possibility of dragons then you just suck)

To me dragons are magical they represent power and wisdom, they represent believing that everything is possible also the innate power of  inner strength, I also think they provide guidance through rough times.
there are a few amazing people that have a vibrant dragon within that you can not help but sense a dragon that can not only guide them but you too.

dragons also make good pets, it is a nightmare if you are taking it to the park for potty purposes a big shovel will be required but if you train it well enough you will be able to get it to fly over to someone you don't like's house and do their business airborne , that is especially funny if the person has a pool. Of course the only problem with that is if you are the only one in the neighborhood that owns a dragon.

they are also a very good alarm system, if you do not have anything cooking in the kitchen and you start to smell something burning it is safe to assume that someone's pants are on fire, it is known that dragons have a good sense of humor so they will not hesitate to fake sleeping then setting someone's pants/shirt/hat on fire.

on that note they are good for economic heating because the dragon feeds on unwanted pets that wonder on to your property so you do not have to worry about feeding it and makes it warmer for drying your clothes, they also provide a fast mean of transportation with the lack of parking space and gas price problem to deal with, many locations may request a roof parking permit but it can be settled easily once your dragon shows its shiny teeth.

they also are good for getting in shape if your dragon is feeling up to it they can fake wrestle with you to provide you with   a work out.

in conclusion dragons are completely awesome

you should get one from your nearest dragon retailer!

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