Monday, 19 March 2012

Isolation day 10

Day 10 or something, feels much longer, I miss talking to my friends now of course when i say that it makes the impression that there are a vast amount of friends that I am in daily communication with, well no that is not the case I do in face have tons of people I know and friend like acquaintances however the people I tolerate enough to be in contact with regularly are few because to put it simply I am one picky ass fucker, ok that sounded wrong I am not an ass fucker or anything like it I am  just VERY picky, picky is safer and c'mon lets face it having a consistent amount of awesomeness in your life is to be earned not just expected.

Sooooo I miss some of my friends I miss talking to darls and my brother and random conversations, mind you i slipped quite a bit yesterday with it being mothers day n all but hey it would have been rude to ignore it! and the mood to be rude was not exactly hitting me yesterday ( no i did not use it as an excuse! i did not talk to eve half as much people as i could have) I am not getting used to this at all.

On the bright side though there is pizza on the way which is probably the wrong way to reward myself after noticing my legs are getting more toned but hey! when the need for pizza presents itself you go get pizza

Tomorrow is my final french exam and I have decided I can not be arsed going, of course i say that now when I have a dizzy head hungry can't move because my lap is fully occupied by 2 adorable but needy puppies that seem to have claimed it, but also not looking forward to the 7 am rise, I got 98% on my last test that is good enough for me, I now know the language is not that difficult to learn ( yes I am ignoring all the rules of grammar that the teacher spent hours talking about whilst i was day dreaming about how awesome it would be to have ninja squirrels)

so no more french! for now, I also have this crazy idea in my head today which is why don't i transfer my credits to an american university and finish my last year there? i've found there are plenty of jobs in my field so that is a good omen/sign , still toying with the idea might call up a couple of universities tomorrow and check if they have any forensic biology or genetic degrees and the policies on transferring credits .

This pizza is taking way too long to bloody get here!

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