Friday, 16 March 2012

Isolation day 7

It has been a week now or well a week within a few hours, I have slipped up a few times but I do not particularly care, some would argue that this being unfair or unjust and not giving it a proper chance especially with stopping the medication without the therapists knowledge which may or not may have an impact on the study /research part of this therapy, which is leading to the debate in my head which is since she has noticed a difference in my presence that she blames the puppies for is it worth just telling her no it has nothing to do with the puppies it has more to do with the fact that i am currently medication free??

yes it will anger her she may abort the whole thing but we shall see there is till Saturday to decide.

my puppies are cheeky bastards... of course it is only natural that my subconscious choice of  foster puppies would be like that, I left them lying down at there designated place whilst I popped in to the kitchen to check on my food for literally less than a minute next thing I know is they have both left the designated area assigned to them somehow transported their hineys across the room and on to the mattress that I have on the floor, now the lil one did not surprise me she has been eyeing the mattress since she arrived usually it is to climb on my lap whilst I am seated well that was my impression anyway apparently it is the mattress she wanted ( insert pouty face) what did put a smile on my though is seeing that somehow he managed to climb out transport across and climb too which means his front legs just might be getting stronger :D, hopefully they are since his medication has been doubled he is getting sun bathed from 9 am and hand fed sooooo fingers crossed, have to admit he certainly is a trier .

Was a bit disappointed a couple of hours ago for reasons which will not be stated however I find I am still willing to make the exception and continue being patient hopefully understanding and stand by my word or you know just not go anywhere or change my mind, if it were anybody else I would have given them hell and told them to bugger off but which is what I have done in the past but for some reason or well thankfully is more the word probably, it is not triggering the same emotions with this one person instead it is more like a motivation to be consistent with my persistence ( if you use that as a slogan I have copy rights!)

was informed yesterday that pretty much I have 90 more days to go as of yesterday so that was one week of wasted bloody count down! and I wont get to go home for easter but that is ok the sooner im done the sooner i can go home and plot revenge on Africa! ok no that shall not be done , sorry was just interrupted by the urge to check on sun bathing puppies to find them both eating again and the balcony full of shyte, usually my reaction would not be "HAPPY!" at the site of this however since we established the importance of bowel movement last time in case you did not read that though ( because my readers just had to be cheeky and not comment thus there is no knowing who is who and who read what!) a pooping puppy is a healthy puppy essentially with exceptions of course, so was gladly cleaning that up and baby talking to them which of course is wrong and wrong and wrong and you should not be caught doing it despite the effect it has on women , on that note though a man that will baby talk/puppy talk is a good man with exceptions of course even the manliest macho-est of men will do it even if they try to hide it they will still do it at the absence of anybody , anyway! what the conversation (between me and you course i'm not talking to myself!) was getting to that after cleaning up shit was done with ( so not what I imagined myself doing with my life at this age) and the puppies were back on the clean floor the lil fella got up and took about 4 steps! properly!! :D  not the slightly elevated but back legs doing the most of the work but actual steps yes his paws were not flat out but he will get the hang of using his paws rather than knuckles ( do dogs even have those ?or is it a different name) .... and he just did it again! people we have a pup who if cute as fuck on the road to recovery! and I need to go buy some newspapers if the newspaper shop is open since it is Friday

btw it has to come to my attention that I well maybe erm talk a lot? that usually is not the case ( or is it) but my writing has increased as you can tell since the isolation even if it is being done wrong yes I am not completely not talking to anyone but 95% less is just as good!

oh and! there is Greys Anatomy this week YAY!

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