Tuesday, 13 March 2012

foster puppies

sooooo i have the 2 puppies, the owner was not particularly helpful and gave the vibe that he just wanted rid of them , one is a runt and is suffering form malnutrition i would say the other is significantly bigger in size but can not even stand, now the owner said he took him to the vet and the vet said it was just a calcium deficiency but to be honest it seems more like something neurological we will see soon enough, finally got them both to eat a lil and feel a bit relaxed after hours of my arse glued to the floor ( it still friggin hurts!)they seem to have found a bed in my lap the lil one keeps trying to crawl up my lap when i put her down or perhaps its the warmth and the bigger one who may be called Tyke not sure yet seems less frustrated when lying on his back in my lap at least he whines a lot less.

it is sad when breeders do that, and of course they are not pure breeds which is not the issue but telling me i can sell them and keep the profit when i offered to get them healthy and give them back struck me as fishy , they seem to have been deprived from affection so that will have to be sorted ASAP, dont think i will sell them for profit just find them a good home or if a buyer is available give it all to the shelters here God knows they need it, as for now they are napping so I need to attempt to take a nap too which was on my to do list for the day.

all you lovely readers.... feel free to leave a comment ( merely to serve my curiosity because i have no idea who is reading this! besides the lovely Darls and Marie )

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