Friday, 23 March 2012

Isolation day 14

Almost half way there YAY!

It has been quite an interesting day, woke up at 6 to the crying of course took them out and tried to resume sleep, ( although i went to bed at 3 am ! until 6 am i slept with no interruptions)( ok i realize that is only 3 hours so scratch my proudness of that achievement ) so as soon as i fell back happily to sleep my phone rings, it is my father telling me he just boarded the plane so i sleepily answered and didn't cuss him for waking me up because it is expected anyway, i set on my merry way to sleepy land once more and arrive after a not too long journey and i am awaken once more by the phone!(i should learn to turn it off shouldn't i) of course i asked him to get me some white Toblerone with him from duty free and he said no how rude!!! see i love white chocolate but every year for easter me and a cousin get white Toblerone in celebration so i thought that there is no need to break the tradition.

of course by then they started scratching at the window/door and i could not go back to sleep so fed them and tidied the house a lil which was a bit pointless since the maid showed up an hour later , so as i was walking back and forth trying to find something to do when all of a sudden I hear a sharp cry yelpy sound which automatically triggers my superpowers and at the speed of light i was in the balcony finding my jack under the laundry hanger that either fell on him because of the wind or he accidentally pulled on it then it fell on him, the second the balcony door was open sophie frantically runs inside i did not notice it at first i was too busy making sure i got it off him and he wasn't hurt i cradle him and he shushes but i still hear yelping, walking inside i find sophie running around yelping like a lunatic .... my dog is such a DRAMA QUEEN! and nobody can convince me other wise!

so they were babied and cuddled  and talked to yes i do sound adorably retarded when i talk to them mind you Marie finds it is as hilarious as me screaming obscenities at the screen whilst playing ps3, ok fine that is pretty amusing ah how i miss the days me and Julie would be sitting in front of the screen shouting at it whilst Shaun just sat there watching us and laughing those were the days.

so my dad arrived and despite his NO! he got me some white toblerone :D , I have been rather tempted to take my project to the wall lately I like the idea of using big spaces like a wall to work on rather than paper, me and jack went for a walk around the building he was such a good boy walking  and running now like nothing was ever wrong, and learning how to sit and use news papers! so proud of him he helps keep my mind of things, the possibility of moving to the states seems to be solidifying and I am kinda liking it but still unsure, home is home after all .

I have noticed an irritation around my knuckles that started as an itch but then i found that my hand around the knuckles is kinda cut up, that was well still is such a disappointment, i mean what if i was going to start my career as a boxer tomorrow! how am i supposed to accomplish that when it hurts to straighten my hand yet alone punch or! wear a glove... there go my dreams down the gutter, shit! this means i cant be a ninja either :( wows me and my unaccomplished career dreams, guess I will have to stick to being a gentleman and a professional air guitarist or a glove-less mime?

Today I feel content and comfortable in my own skin, although my dad insists that I am crazy because he found me laying down snuggled up with puppies all napping , ah well it is easier to be at east with animals than it is most humans.

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