Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Isolation day 6

Technically as it is past midnight it is considered day 6 and of course more will be added to this blog tomorrow, I have been slipping more but still 95% of the time at least not communicating with friends, and strongly disliking it might I add! lets face it despite my insistence on hating humanity due to its ill manners and lack of common  sense also the fact that most people only look like humans nowadays, despite all that it appears that there may be a slight possibility that I am a people person despite my better judgement .

not sure if that is considered one of my better or worse traits what would you say? the pups are doing better the tails are wagging a lot today and more attempts to stand up by lil man, lil lady is a bit more playful too and they are pretty laid back  and sleepy, they do mistake themselves for lap dogs or simply like my lap whilst i cuddle them and read.

noticed that I seem to be procrastinating with starting my project that is either because I am slightly confused subconsciously or I wish it to be entirely perfect and my brain is still putting ideas together we shall see...

it is time to try and sleep now and finish the rest of the day tomorrow :D ( that sounded so wrong! the meaning obviously was the rest of the post)

sleep is improving every night and last night I was lucky enough to dream of her which is good when you don't get the opportunity to talk to someone as much as you want or at all a dream can give you a lil patience or so I am willing to convince myself for the time being at least, in fact there is serious debate between both my cerebral hemispheres in regards to attempting to get back to sleep whilst pups are bathing in the sun and have eaten.

Of course that may just involve marching up the military something something services in front of me and confiscating all their musical instruments because they are annoying as fuck! whilst I'm at it might as well tell them that despite their police officers or whatever it is that they have all over the place they are useless considering there was shooting and breaking a car/cars yesterday in front of the building and they did nothing to stop it.

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