Wednesday, 1 May 2013



Enough said!


W is for water because I can't think of anything else that starts with a W that is as awesome as water, our planet is predominantly covered with it, our bodies are predominantly made of it! we literally can not live with out it, the main component of our cellular structure is water! yet we give it so little importance,instead we fill our bodies with drugs and juices and alcohol and energy drinks that just screw up the minerals and water levels in our bodies.
when in many cases all you need is healthy amounts of water daily and a good diet, yes i realize that this is not a coherent conversation that's ok, the point is Water is important! so take care of it, don't waste it as many people can only dream of clean drinkable water, don't pollute it , it is an entire eco system for millions of creatures.

W is also for wonder, something we lose track of so often , let us find or create some wonder in this lovely world of ours :D

well we couldnt have a W post without Wonka now could we!


V is for voices

I have to admit that I have a thing for voices, they can be soothing or aggravating, you can fall in love with someones voice ( OK you cant really but you can fall in like, and yes what they say plays a role also), I think they provide insight and stuff, and so I have decided that as soon as I figure this out ... Lou help please! my v post is going to be a clip of well me saying hello so you can hear my voice ! what do you think?


U also known as You !in a less hip more accurately spelled way.

I think this post should be about you , and so I suggest you tell me a little about yourself, I am willing to read anything you want to say :D

Tchoo Tchoo!

T is for trouble

now trouble comes in all shapes and sizes as we all know, there is the obvious trouble that gets you in to trouble as in criminal activities that gets you jailed, but that is not the subject of today's post , although I suppose T should be for time keeping which I have been beyond terrible at, 2 blogs, essays, stress, family, work, man flue  and a social life can be time consuming when you are not very good at multitasking .

Some people seem to be attracted to trouble, it is almost like there is a magnetism, or an addiction for lack of better terms, an addiction to having some sort of trouble regardless of how minimal in their life.When it isn't there they will cause it, which is sad unhealthy but more importantly hurtful , if you find yourself with that behavior or anybody else for that matter please try to stop or help, it has such a broad butterfly effect that can be devastating.

T is also for time but I don't know how that works exactly other than it goes fast when you are having fun and slow when you are not, time wasting though is something i know plenty about! yes I admit I am a procrastinator but that is only because i know my limitations and know things can still get done on time, in saying that although I am perfectly fine wasting my own time I despise having my time wasted, if you can not respect me and don't take me seriously or only want to analyze and test my reactions then you are wasting my time, when i say something i do mean it (95% of the time depending on the content, my plans for world domination are real damnit! ) so I can waste my time, you can not waste my time, because i don't really waste my own time i simply reallocate it regularly !

T is also for tuna and tremendous amounts of T words.