Monday, 12 March 2012

Isolation day 3 or 4

My sleep pattern was beyond disturbed BUT!! there was some sleep , its working! my brain is slowly returning back to its senses! ( one is hoping anyway) realized the fact that I can not just put my bed on the pillow and sleep when i am tired bothers me more than lack of socialization .

Today I will be working on part 1 of my project, attempting to take a nap and cleaning the ac filters in addition to working out, reckon that should keep me out of trouble for one day? and hopefully remember to take the food down to the strays since it was cooked ready and not taken down, hopefully can get back in to the habit of working out it crossed my mind if i maybe workout twice a day that may assist the ole sleep pattern? we will see for now one must run of to french and learn to speak snobbery !

French was not half bad apparently there was homework which of course i did not know about and i managed to do it within the 4 minutes whilst the teacher was checking other people's work, and due to that it has been decided that might as well brush up on what little Italian i know because the similarities are amazing.

I know we always say the Romans/Romance languages are of the same origin and so they are very similar but you don't really recognize just how alike languages are till you are trying to learn or so it is in my case.

The urge to have a chat just for the sake of not following orders is less today however it is not particularly easy to nod and smile entirely throughout a conversation when someone is particularly talking to you not just a group mind you i did slip and told someone to get better oooops my bad ! ( or maybe a cheeky subconscious ?)

I will have to take a 5 minute time out from isolation to answer the puppy man assuming he does call today , I offered last week to take care  of / foster 2 lil puppies that are having difficulty walking fingers crossed they are ok , the vet told puppy man that it is a calcium deficiency if that is the case then proper food and patience should do the trick but we shall see

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