Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day

As today is International women's day it is only fit to right about women wouldn't you think? the question is am i in the mood to just write, say why i like them, or complain about them?

I mean ok some of them are as awesome as dragons but some also have the tendencies to eat their young right? they nag about the toilet seat being up whilst it takes less than a second to just bring it down ( a man should have the equal right to whine about the toilet seat being down if they are among the lazy majority that doesn't bother aiming or putting it back down) , they talk a lot, do not always make sense , of course i am generalizing here which is probably not the best thing to do but i will hopefully rectify that by the end of the post.

In many societies they are programmed to not stand up for themselves and to be nothing short of a household object if not a slave for the convenience of " the man of the house" which is not necessarily the husband in most cases it starts of with the father and brothers too, they are expected to weigh on the males of the house hold at all times and take up all household tasks from cleaning the yard to bringing a glass of water, they are paid less, thought of as incompetent , many would argue that they do not even have the full mental capacity of a man, they  do not have the same rights as a man and are not offered the same opportunities ,slaves, sex objects, machines are often the duties of a woman.

now these are just a few facts not my personal opinion just yet.

They are bossy and clean they know everything about everything, emotional, fatal at times, drive you absolutely loopy, will eat your fries and most likely any chocolate you have hidden, they will ignore you and confuse you they will make you doubt yourself and change you, and many have jumped of bridges because of a woman.

But see the thing is none of that is right and not all of it is negative, if you thought of humanity as a sun or a planet women would be the warm core that fuels the entire life of that place, they are bossy because we often lack direction and have no idea what we are doing so it is a way of helping us reach our possible potential , they know everything because we don't and lets face it it is good to have a woman around that will ask for directions when you are being too stubborn to do it, they will ignore you and confuse you and drive you nuts mostly because they like you and don't know what to do with that ( sometimes it is because you are a good man sometimes it is because you aren't the result isn't that much difference "why" is a big factor )

We all know that women bring life in to existence with birth and all that, but personally i think it has more to do with the raising than the physical act of giving birth, they bring out the life that god created inside of you and mold it into the greatness that it can be that is bringing life out in to the world, also for the lucky few that are able to meet a woman that reignites life within the depths of one's soul and unzombify the person one that shines the light on the colors and cranks up the volume of life's music.

They are capable of making a true difference not in one person's life but an entire generation if not 3.

Women are smart amazing beautiful ( not all but you get the gist of it ) and we should appreciate their efforts more now personally i think having a day for that is not good enough it changes nothing after all a woman gets mothers day valentines day birthdays name days other occasions where they should be pampered to the  maximum but the truth is that is all not necessary , if you have a good woman in your life show her that you care make the effort every single day if you are too tired use small gesters just make her know you care and celebrate her existence in your life because we aren't all that lucky.

and for heaven's sake tell the women in your life you love them!

so how to treat a woman is a subject for another post but it is really a lifestyle or personality trait if you will, in saying that it does not eliminate the fact that they are cheeky buggers!

on that note I would like to say thank you to Amy, Taneisha, Marie, Sandra, Darls,  I am grateful to have you in my life and love you all in your own way more than i can express.

Happy women's day to you all!

p.s: I had plenty more to say but i forgot it so maybe next year

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