Sunday, 4 March 2012

People are a wee bit testy today usually i don't mind this but someone being rude just because they don't like you for no particular reason is well ... i am inclined to say not nice but that is not the case i mean there are plenty of people i just don't like for no reason what so ever but you have to at least try to maintain respect till they behave too annoying to ignore otherwise it is just ill mannered , it is kind of ironic that it is the little things that tell more about a person than the bigger things.

pause for cake

ok the best beverage to have with cake ( yes i tasted every single one of them till i found the one that tasted ok enough ) is not wine it is milk cold semi skimmed milk .

ok back to what i was saying, what was i rambling about? oh little things tell you more about a person like hmmm lets see like what, this could be a list that i keep coming back to an adding , so like any little rituals they have some people for example collect broken/mutated/deformed/special shells at the beach whilst others will only take home the complete/close to perfect ones, the way you talk to anyone who is considered an employee of yours even if temporary, how you treat the taxi driver or the door man, id go as far as how you treat strangers and animals especially animals.

since i am losing my track of thought by you tube videos i will conclude with saying what you do reflects on you and only you so if you are going to treat people like shit for no reason they wont make much of it but you keep it up and you will find yourself all alone because complete arses alienate people as do people with no sense of humour and people that take too things way too seriously, and i am not talking about the few that are not real arses the ones with a soft lovely inside that they are trying to protect im pretty much referring to the ones that forget to think before uttering bullshyte.

anyway Caaaaaake


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