Sunday, 18 March 2012

Isolation day 9

Today is so far boring, French was a waste of time despite the fact that it involved human contact it was nobody I particularly wanted to talk to thus did not talk to anyone, however the look on the pups faces and how they chose me over food was quite nice I rarely get the reaction from anyone that they are happy to see me that is most likely due to the fact that I do not particularly give the impression that i would like it which is true its not something I usually allow, see from my life experience when someone is happy to see me that means they need something that they are too lazy to do themselves or do not want to pay for it to be done so heeeeeeeeey your here ! its so good to see you ! can you take care of this for me ? hence why it is something i usually avoid because thus far it has been rare for me to have someone happy to see me just because they have missed me or something.

 " I miss you" another phrase I very rarely believe because people rarely mean it anymore it is one of those phrases which are practically power phrases that have been SOOO misused that they lose all possible meaning, unless of course you know it is a person that only says it when they mean it that does take time to determine but we are not completely extinct its not like last of the users ( ok that just sounds wrong) or the last non word bender.

of course the L word phrase will not even be mentioned as that is a forbidden phrase! and no that was not a reference to the tv series which was not half bad then again the amount of semi naked women in it would prevent any guy from complaining to be honest, lets see other misused phrases hmmm " I'll get right to it " " I'm sorry "  " I forgive you"  "no" "yes" ok those are more simple words that are used with a double meaning even if they are quite explicit in what they mean but such is life, " ill call you back in a bit" that is more a polite way of saying you are boring me most times , " you are beautiful/precious"

and many other things that I am trying to think of but I am slightly distracted by Jack not staying put exploring the apartment.and falling on his face.

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