Tuesday, 28 February 2012


cookies cookies cookies , are in my opinion a piece of heaven that has fallen to earth, or maybe even what an angel would taste like if they were edible ok ok you get the point, however the point of this blog is not the cookies per say it is more to define what a cookie is.

in America a cookie is a species of sweet food that easily rots the teeth of course, it comes in many shapes and sizes from round to square to crunchy to gooey with chocolate with jam with peanut butter with nothing , a very large variety of cookies and at the moment it happens to be girl scout cookie season which is initially would brought this on, you see there is a girl i really like ( more than i will currently admit) and she mentioned a certain types of cookies so i asked around before i did what any decent guy that truly cares would do and got them, this brought me to the realization that cookies to them and cookies to me are not the same thing.

to me if it is round soft or crunchy sometimes big sometimes small contains chocolate chips possibly some nuts then it is a cookie anything other than that is known as a biscuit however in the land of the free aka USA what is not a chocolate chip cookie is a cookie and a biscuit is apparently bread..... now maybe i am having a blonde moment but the question is why?! or what the deuce! your choice

regardless of what they are called i must admit that i am addicted to cookies and i have not had a real one in almost a year now ..... such is life

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