Friday, 30 March 2012

It is a common fact that I am not enjoying what I perceive as serving time in hell here in Egypt as the fun of the country depends on the situation and mine sucks the fun right out of it,however sometimes you meet people that can be quite sweet yesterday I was standing in the middle of the road hands full of shopping looking for a taxi on a Thursday night which is equivalent to a Friday night elsewhere since Friday is the weekend here and each taxi that stopped refused to take me because in their opinion my house was too near which in a way it is its only a couple of miles and 8l.e away and of course I stubbornly refuse to take the taxi's lined up in front of the mall because they charge more than double the price and that is wrong......

So anyway standing there waiting till finally one guy hesitates then decides sure i should jump in, turns out i reminded him of his son and that is why he decided to take me because he was looking for a long journey initially, he then started interrogating me about where i'm from apparently the accent is too obvious but i talk nice Egyptian anyhow the guy was really nice and not obnoxious like the usual drivers kept advising me not to get married and wait for the right lass then insisted that i do not pay which I insisted against, it was a nice surprise to have a pleasant conversation with a nice enough person as oppose to arguing for a change .

on another note I have been bad and neglecting the stray dogs since i fostered the puppies, see they used to always sleep in front of the building and play all sorts of melodies throughout the night keeping me up, so we had formed that bond where they keep me up and i anonymously leave them food which I wanted to get back to doing but noticed that they seem to have disappeared from the area which is worrisome so I might go looking for them soon just to make sure they are ok , stray dogs here are beautiful they don't all look like mutts they seem sweet and are very smart if it were up to me i would have adopted all of them!

I have also decided to brush up on my penmanship skills and start writing letters although I have no means of sending them through snail mail taking a picture and emailing it is temporarily just as good.

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