Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Isolation day 11

Boredom is slowly eating away at my brain, there is a general lack of interest to do anything however I got up fed the dogs and cleaned the house did some laundry washed the dishes cleaned after the dogs fed them again let them have a nap on top of me( they seem to mistake themselves for cats) tried to teach them the basic command of sit and failed due to young age or they like ignoring me possibly a bit of both.

Gave up on trying to finish the book because every time i start reading my mind wonders of thus new books will be acquired later at the library when these books are returned, any suggestions?

The plan later involves hunting for shoes and contacting a University in the states because truthfully there site was too confusing for my wee brain so calling should do the trick assuming I manage to remember to do it on time within the time limit.


and slightly fed up, can not be arsed cooking on the bright side it is a rather beautiful day out ! I would know I've been cradling them outside in the balcony and pretending to get some fresh air!

So I did cook and I burnt my food YAY! me, must have been distracted ok yes very distracted, was supposed to call the university still should but my brain is saying nah not yet because its too busy being aggravated by all sorts of other things, my patience is really extended today unsure why but it seems to be at its limits surprisingly enough there isn't a record in my head going your patience has reached it limits please top up and try again, wonder what accent that would play in my head hmmm and what voice, now that is something to think on.

anyhow yall have a good day whom ever you are! don't be strangers

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