Saturday, 3 March 2012

The bunny

                                                                           The Bunny

Marie introduced me to this song and I must say before i listened to it the first thing that came to my mind was that succulent flavor of malt and chocolate combined in that crunchy tiny Maltesers bunny it is just so divine! yes i know i sound somewhat gay saying this but you know what? i dont care it is THAT good, so maybe some would describe me as a chocolate addict because i need my caffeine fix but in my defense it tastes much much much better than coffee I am certain you would agree with me, and then you taste the maltesers bunny it is like the french saying take that svitzerland! you think you can beat us viz chocolat well no! cest impossible ve have THE BUNNY! haha ( in a french accent of course)

so seriously if you have not tried it what the hell are you still waiting for of course it could be just in England but somehow i find it very doubtful that such an amazing bunny would not be an international phenomena , I realize it may be a mistake admitting this in open considering it is one of my weaknesses of course if presented with a big bunny i will probably do anything you ask or just about anything you ask , i still will not go and cheer for man united or say that they are  the best team or any silly things like that but ill erm iron your clothes and wash your car? I am sure an agreement can be easily arranged.

I might have been a bit cheeky and called 2 of my friends and ordered the same egg twice however the problem is not the egg being made available it is if they can fight the temptation and keep their hands of it till i claim back my precious eggs, no i am not obsessed with eggs nor Easter i wouldn't particularly say that chocolate is an obsession either, since I am training my body to eat less and less which I am hating but hey I lost 4 pounds this week so that is good!( considering all the junk i ate).

But you see here is the thing I don't really celebrate my birthday nobody remembers it unless i've gone on and on about it other than my dad and my x mother, and thus i rarely get presents or get presents that i do not want and the person who got them ( x mother/biological mother) knows i strongly dislike the item/object so I don't really celebrate that much, one could argue that its ok because a couple of days after it is Halloween which is true there is plenty of Halloween candy lying about however the problem with Halloween is that i live in England where it is either celebrated with a party at school for the kidlings or an outing with alcamahol and dressing up for the fake kidlings such as myself known to others as pretendy adults also known as adults with a very active controlling inner child that takes over the adult body ( no complaints!) so since I do not drink alcamahol the outing is less fun and as always I am the responsible friend that keeps the weirdo's of the girls and the guys of the floor ( and the girls of the dancing pole before the DJ starts commenting), and here in lies the reason why I Absolutely Adore Easter, now i am not diminishing or belittling the religious side of it I would go to church and do that side if I am with a person that does that even if I am a Muslim out of respect for the holiday and my partner.

and so in conclusion Chocolate+holiday= a quite content me , especially since they get cheaper just after thus I have quite a few eggs to enjoy, sadly not this year if the eggs still exist I won't see them till somewhere between June-August , and at the rate I am going thankfully with weight loss I will feel too bad about spoiling what I've lost and ill just look at them!

but not the bunny!

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