Monday, 12 March 2012

Isolation day 2

Managed to somewhat fall asleep at around 4 or 5 am last night was in bed for hours tossing and turning and of course thinking, I should not think too often alas it is the most thing I am currently doing my brain takes me too all sorts of places, the rules of the isolation have slightly changed today I can make "new " friends as long as I do not use my name/legal name.... and of course stubbornness kicked in, rather not talk to anyone than make new friends and pretend to be someone else .

think i made it clear today that this is not that much of a challenge for me yes it is difficult to get me to shut up so no real contact with people i do not deem idiots is difficult but proving that I am right well sometimes it comes at a price perhaps, I have already finished a book today, bloodlines by Sydney Sheldon... very nice book, now I will continue to read my other book that refuses to end but has a nice story which is atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand , very wise woman she is way ahead of her time.

Boredom is eating at my brain but I found this is actually day 3 not day 2 which is good, I can't seem to find where they sell calendars here but finally remembered the arab word for it !

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