Monday, 30 April 2012


Marty !!! who doesn't love Marty how could you resist a zebra that does not shut up with a superb sense of humor at least in his mind ( and mine) and is the epitome of awesome!! of course i would say that he reminds me of the cartoon version of myself :D except well I have a British accent and am not always able to talk that fast and he is whiter than me but personality we are similar ! i think at least anyway... its really the smarter version of Donkey!

It is the final day , yes I am sad I got used to it one of my faithful readers admitted it sucks too , met a couple of nice people and found a few rather awesome blogs wait i should not be reflecting till next week guess ill have to cut this paragraph short!

Z is also for zoo's i love zoo's i wanted to be a vet or a zoo keeper to help all those animals although there being in captivity does break my heart.

Do you really know though what Z is really for ? I will share my thoughts with you dear friends Z is for Zero the quantity which could either be an end or a beginning as I am currently feeling quite Zen ( yes i am misusing the term i apologize ) I choose to see it as both the end and the beginning , I have had a horrid year my plans have gone anything but according to the plan this includes every single one of them and it has slowly started breaking me down to the point where i have seriously considered making other people happy and just giving up after all it kind of feels like i am being knocked around with thor's hammer , and then i remembered something very important i learnt during this year which is sometimes if your current theme/plan/attempt does not work then perhaps you should just change your strategy or your route to arriving at the goal rather than giving up entirely it is pointless putting effort and time to waste actually it is a waste rather than just to find a strategic planner! anyone know where i could find one?

And now I am going to shush because my hands hurt that is a story for later , be well! and zoooooom :D

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Yes You!

I realize that the A-Z blog also has a " you " y post but no bother !

For the last 24 letters it has mostly been about me and x men and unicorns and other stuff i do not remember 
apart from that smile who could forget that smile anyway!
This post is about you all about you , I want to thank you all
for being so patient with me and reading and being such good 
readers, yes especially those that i demand to proofread for me
Thank you.
Now since this is about you I suggest you share whatever is on your mind whatever you want to say
be it a lil about yourself be it a joke be it what you did today
or even an irrelevant sentence that does not make sense is fine
such as wild monkeys ride hogs and jump from apartment buildings to play with dragons.
stop imaging me as a wild monkey! I'm nicely trimmed thank you very much.

This is about you Embrace it 
oh and that Jeremy Bates book called White lies ... Go buy it its friggin awesome!
( even though I have not read it yet and i intend to get it as soon as i get home because 
it is 
not available here)

Thank you God bless and plenty of nice stuff!
Yes I will hound you to write about you if we are in direct contact

P.s: This is about YOU!!!! do NOT comment about me!

Friday, 27 April 2012


Firstly the picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post it just looked So SUPER! Awesome I had to share because sharing is caring right? or something silly like that anyway .

X is a letter of the alphabet it's mostly used to rack peoples brain's ( yes yes my grammar is off who cares) thinking of a word that starts with X that is not xylophone or a pharmaceutical, X is also a variable an unknown quantity used to drive some people crazy during the course of mathematical equations, i say during the course of because it is usually a lengthily process when driving said people crazy on some occasions it is rather fun to watch... no I am not mean!!!I just well don't take my time and laugh at people trying to figure it out? fine fine i am not that sadistic but it can be fun! try it sometime ( but not on lil kids that is just mean)

as X is used for unknown variables in mathematics and physics it kind of caught on and started being used for unknown anythings ( no i don't know if that is the actual sequence of events but in my mind it is ), it is used for treasure maps and aiming and unknown mutant genes till they become known , this fly buzzing around looks like a big x that needs hunting down too.... there we go that's done now i can try and concentrate on this post if JO! stops pestering me God that Jo can be such a nuisance at times (it is actually vice versa to be honest)

I was worried about what to write for X then it struck me right in the middle of my wee forehead X is for X-MEN how could i not have made the association sooner, X-men are basically giant X's walking around aren't they? because women are smarter than that ok ok silliness aside , they are people with some sort of genetic mutation that make them different ( i am not going to talk about super powers) now in the story/movie/comics/imagination it is always related to superpowers however in reality there are X amount of things that make you different you can either be an x man through personality which may be acceptable and may make you shunned from society because well you are simply different which is fine if we were all the same same there would never be progress, there are x men because of looks there are x men due to actual genetic mutations that lead to disease or just physical abnormalities (  mutations are rather common actually but the body usually fixes them before they cause any harm when it is possible for it to do so)((yes i am being a know it all sorry!)) the point is being an x man is not something bad but sadly just like it is portrayed in the movies even it is all sci fi it is a reflection of reality in a way , not all "normal" people like anyone different around them all though many x men can easily blend in and be counted as "normal" nobody should be made to feel different just because they are different, they should not be made to feel like they are abnormal or not part of the pack and so on.

embrace your difference it only makes you more special and if anybody has a problem with that well it is their problem to deal with not yours , I am an X man in so many ways and very proud , if you are an x man/woman i hope you are proud of it too if you are not i hope you are proud of the x men/women that surround you .

embrace the difference! and enjoy that super awesome car above .

Thursday, 26 April 2012


WWW. a post of wonderful things. WOW or an attempt anyway ...

I was walking home a couple of days ago and I am usually not a too slow walker when i noticed the guy in front of me who was slightly elderly taking his leisure walking and i thought to myself why am i not doing that it is such a wonderful thing to walk slowly and take in your environment your surrounding just enjoy it live the moment..... then i remembered it was hot i hate the heat and he was only walking slowly because he could not walk any faster soooo I was home 2 or 3 minutes later thinking i need to realize and pay more attentions to the little wonders around me ( even if i hate this country i am sure there are wonders in it ) and I have been enjoying the wonderful wise words of an actual hardback book , today i saw that in front of our building one of the tree's was blossoming with a rather whimsical purple ( yes purple not violet!) although i may have been in a slightly whimsical mood because I can not keep my eyes or my mind of that beautiful fictional girl and her wondrous smile .

W is for werewolf ! I have a thing for werewolves I am unsure why and I actually see them as well something that would turn in to a wolf not a vicious wolf man , my lil boy( he is not my son before anyone gets confused) informed me that we are to write a children's book this summer about a werewolf with an opposable thumb that he will use to throw arrows at soldiers when he rescues a princess.

W is also for HIM! Professor Albus Dumbledore

He is a character that just oozes of Wisdom , someone that can tell you winning is not everything and personally i would believe him.

W is for white a colour i love however not a shade my heart is at all familiar with any longer alas such is life, but do you know what my favorite W word is? that goes with that wondrous smile... its Wit oh my do i love me some wittiness I will argue knowing I am wrong just to hear/read/witness those witty responses!

and so We conclude this Wordy post , ooh i forgot to mention words! how could i do that words are almost everything in this world of ours it is words that buy hearts and words that break them words that steal moments words that creates them in one way or another we are the living expression of our words are our thoughts anything but words in our heads ? words are capable of buying and selling of giving lives and ending them sadly what are we without words truly?

I wish you all well 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Variety of V's

Such  a large Variety of things to ramble on however I woke up with the words virtue and value on my mind, 2 things I have not seen much of lately and it makes me Very sad, I am a man that seeks value in every aspect of my life quality over quantity in other words, when I say value you already know that market value or material value is not what i mean't I mean true value and worth of the item or the person or the moment , yes moments or well memories are valuable none the less wouldn't you think?

variations of variables nowadays cause such a strong yet weak V word which is Violence, there is no real reason for Violence as far as my brain is concerned it is mostly fear and insecurity or vulnerability one would say on many levels not just a personal level, Vulnerability is something I have to admit to although with me it has never lead to and will never lead to Violence I am a vulnerable man with certain things such as cookies , Family and so on my vulnerability lies in my insecurities that i am working on and in my lack of control within certain situations also my  consistent optimism is a vulnerability with the state of the world how it is nowadays my hope that humans will choose virtue over other things is a vulnerability , my not accepting that i can not physically protect all the people i love is a vulnerability , my lack of emotion with people i do not 100% care about may be considered a vulnerability and many other things that you can feel free to point out if you know them . There is a value a reason and a memory behind each thing that makes me vulnerable or that  i am vulnerable because of and that is not a bad thing they are not all bad things in fact the first 3 are absolutely amazing and would not want to change the way things are in regards to v'ness.

V is for vicious , dragons can be vicious mind you to be honest id rather take a vicious dragon over a vicious woman any day at the end of the day there is a higher success rate for taming vicious dragons ! than there is men who have survived vicious women ( smile don't you frown at me for joking like this!)

V is for violet, which is nothing more than a fancy word for purple!

Violin is an instrument i love and have always been meaning to learn but never got to actually buying one to begin with and to be frank new sword is higher on the priority list than a violin is along with a pair of boots a plane ticket and a holiday for 2 followed by a holiday for 3 ok ok i'm not going in to my bucket list here now!

V is for victory which is to be announced soon against certain people/situations and certain vulnerabilities ( after the first 3!)

and so I conclude v day with .... Va Va Voooooooom! or Vroom Vroom ?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Only U

This post is brought to you by Miss Marie (because I was feeling lazy and she did not really think I would post this)

U is for uterus and that is the main thing that makes women different than men.. and ulitimately special.  Any creature that can bleed and for days and not die.. and produce offspring is ultimately amazing of course deserves our undying admiration.  And of course, we owe them our lives.. so here is to Uterus's  everywhere..  Thanks for life!

Ok now to my part of the post! since inspiration struck at 6 am or something odd like that right in the middle of being asleep ... how rude of inspiration to come knocking at such an inappropriate time!

Interruption: I read this very beautiful quote that I just had to share with you

الرجُـــل إن عشـــق روح المــرأه "فــلن يعشــــق إلا إمـــرأه واحــــده"

"أمــا إن عشـــق وجهـهــا "فلـــن تكفيــــه جميـــع نســــاء الأرض
Translation : If a man falls in love with a woman's spirit then he will love only one woman, however if he falls in love with her face then all the women on the face of the planet will not be enough.

A few days ago I watched (Again) the movie Black gold not the version that my grandfather was watching as a child no the 2011 version of the movie that contained Antonio Banderas and did not make it to the US cinema theaters ( how the hell did it slip my mind that U is for UNICORN!!!) its the second time I watch this movie and it is truly amazing what happened there and what is NOT happening now in the Arab world ( yes it was a movie about Arabs and oil )actually not just the Arab world its everywhere it is something humanity currently lacks , as humans we are all divided and for petty reasons ( do not imagine lil fury cute objects!).

You have religion that is a major divider which is something i do not comprehend because the basics for the 3 biggest Godly religions are the same  here I am referring to Christianity Islam and erm Jews? the basic point of all 3 is there is ONE God and you should worship him yet wars are raged and it divides us as humans.  Sexuality divides us what the hell difference does it make to your life who someone takes to bed with them? how does it effect you ? how does it effect their performance at work or at school or at sports? it doesnt! yet it divides us

U is for Uvula as pointed out by Pinky.

Food divides us granted not as much as the previous 2 but vegans vegetarians and omnivores for some reason they do not always get along ok ok i don't have a strong point there but you get the gist of it , oh oh oh sports! stupid sports can cause friggin death at times I would know at least 67 ended up dead due to a football match earlier this year here in Egypt and we know the fights that are caused between the Everton and Liverpool fans ! the point is we let stupid things get in the way , see there is one thing that drives us humans more than anything more than money more than fear more than blood relations and that is emotions.....Feelings in other words pure humanity .... that is what brings us together , that is what Unites us!

So why is it that we can not unite? now I am not greedy enough to want the whole populations of humans to unite that is too sci-fi but why is it that we can not unite to bring down corruption in governments, as Arabs have done that why could they not stay united and continue the work? why can't we unite and demand our basic human rights to be provided such as decent health care for everyone ( this includes the fury lil critters and large ones too) decent education for everyone decent housing , why can't we unite to accomplish that? are we that different truly even with different religions and different political views and different skin colour and different backgrounds of any kind aren't we all at the end of the day humans? born from uterus's as Marie kindly pointed out with 2 arms  2 legs a head and a trunk? do we not breathe the same air walk the same earth eat the same bloody junk? I personally will work to make people realize that our differences are very little ( they are only big if you are an exaggerating drama queen to be honest and i will debate/argue that with anyone) and that the only way we can get the best out of ourselves and our government is to unite together as humans to reach our true potential.

U is for Unity ..... who's with me!

Monday, 23 April 2012


To be or not To be that is the question.

The answer is To be! of course , if you can not be then try to be, forget the trouble forget the turmoil and continue to try .

T is also for telepathic  communication .... I suck at it .

T is for truths also known as facts such as :

  • Cookies contain more energy than T.N.T
  • Tests are always feared even if you know you know the answers because you have seen the question before hand, or you know it doesn't hurt because you have done it before.
  • Chocolate is not always good unless its british /italian/swiss.
  • There are at least 3 cities by the name of Tripoli , there is one in Libya, Lebanon and Greece.
  • I had a racist dog, that did not like Pakistani people.
  • Skipping 100 times a day works wonders for your body.
  • The princess of Barsoom is the same lass in Wolverine origins and she is pretty.
  • E-books will never substitute real books or libraries.
  • You don't have to like cheese to love cheesecake.
  • Being silly is absolutely awesome.
  • Alcohol does not necessarily raise your blood sugar, certain kinds of vodka can in fact lower ones blood sugar.
  • jogging/exercising  in the morning usually makes you happier ( even if you hate it to begin with ) because it releases hormones that make it so.
  • chocolate is awesome.
  • im on meds that make me crazy and forgetful
  • i am out of facts

Telephones are cool they are even cooler when people respond .
Tigers well baby tigers that are white are as adorable as the most adorable thing ever!

This post kind of sucks and I have no words for U other than ultraviolet!

p.s: im totally addicted to kitkat but you are all terrific

Friday, 20 April 2012


Yes this is not a particularly easy letter to ramble with however I woke up rather annoyed today not because of life because of a little tiny vengeful creature and so I am going to take my revenge on all of its family within the vicinity of where i live! by God I will! the creature is obviously a fly or flies in this case, in fact I  have reason to believe they may be super flies you see I live on the 6th floor and I have not seen a fly waiting for the elevator and ascending or departing from the elevator at any point ( there is a possibility that it may have happened whilst i was not looking but i Refuse to acknowledge that right now) and let us be honest 6 stories with those lil wings would be tiring if they did that and they were not super flys they would not have the energy to annoy me.

Mind you the one from this morning was quite lethargic as far as flys go , so since they have taken it upon themselves to break up my sleep every single day every single morning every single nap I will take it upon myself to destroy each one of the, I mean why would a tiny creature try to annoy a giant like me ( i'm not really a giant but in comparison) surely it has a death wish or is it a fly's idea of raging war against humanity? we shall annoy them in to oblivion one human at a time! we shall push them to accidentally lose balance whilst in the balcony trying to kill us! if i were a tiny creature with wings I would indeed cause chaos and havoc most likely but not come face to face with my eminent death or in this case face to is a ridiculous notion i am aware of that but let us embark on the ruins of our childhood imagination ( now known as an adult imagination) imagine yourself all tiny and fairy like but of course you lack magic id say fly like but im sure that would not be appealing , imagine flies were the predominant race and they were huge would you  go pester them? i mean ok you might try to chip a wing to see if it results in them flying in circles ok ok ok fine the fly's are right! i shall not take my revenge upon them unless it is more than one at a time!

all joking aside though Revenge is bad it does not bring back what you lost be that a human or a stapler it does not make you feel better this is according to guy mode anyway i am unaware if it is different with girl mode, Revenge should be left to karma or divine plotting and is not something that should be maintained by  human beings it can get messy so bottom line revenge is bad!

And my initial R word that I was going to ramble on about before I woke up all annoyed because of a fly, since I do not wish to make this any longer than it already it I will tell you a couple of my rituals.... since i was a child during the spring and the summer when insects find it is time to fall in love and produce millions of copies of themselves to me it becomes hunting season , each night before bed i grab a pillow or a newspaper close the room door and start hunting any mosquito's visible to my naked eye ( surely i'm not going to dress my eyes before bed!what kind of monster do you think i am) i then proceed with killing each one i find even if it takes hours before i go to bed see the noise of them flying within the range of my ear irritates the hell out of me if they just land on me whilst i'm asleep fill up on blood and leave silently i wouldn't bother but nooooo they have to make their presence known!

another ritual which usually annoys my grandmother unless she has missed me is brushing teeth, when i brush my teeth (  surely i mentioned this before right?) I can not stand still in front of the sink for 4 minutes or so like a normal human being, instead i walk around the house brushing my teeth which she finds amusing because i will stand in front of her face to face for about 15 seconds during my mobile teeth brushing session.... so those were a couple of my Rituals do you have any weird rituals ? do share :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Quiet time

It is Quiet time shhhhh......whilst we are quiet for a minute or 2 ( depends on how much time you are kind enough to spare)let us all send a prayer to everyone that needs it this includes every child,soldier( of your country or not)that is sucked in to a war for imaginary reasons ( yes there are no real reasons or real threats just drama)every parent and elderly, every animal and every creature , that need it , let us all take a minute to pray for our world and what is in it.

Thank you

God bless you and our quiet minute or 2.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Patience is something I am currently running out of last night did not go well I was pretty much ambushed/betrayed or it felt like that anyway so my realm of Possibilities is going on vacation right now, the way I see it I am guilty of the crime and thus I will do the time my punishment is drugs for something I am convinced I do not have ( of course the counter to that is no crazy person thinks they are crazy)

What i do / How my therapist interprets it:

I put other first/You are a monster with yourself

I delay things for me in anticipation of problems by other people that will need to be dealt with/You are a monster to yourself that is trying to kill  yourself

I am not bonding/forming a friendship with her/You are incapable of forming relationships you will screw up any romantic relationship with men or women ( i'm not even bi you idiot)

I do not yell at her when she yells at me/You are incapable of expressing anger

I was not compassionate when she was sad (apparently because i am such a difficult person ) and my only response was I apologize hope it gets better/ You do not feel anything you can not feel.

I try to understand by making statements and asking questions/You do not grasp the reality of things and are too argumentative, you use arguments to run away ( run away from what !!!i would rather use a bike or getaway car it would be much cooler)

I decide to keep my thoughts to myself/You are Arrogant and pompous

I am honest/You are manipulative

I stop taking medication I find not making a difference and decide to stop wasting money on courses I do not need/You only do what you want

I am a gentleman that chooses to not objectify women/You are sexually immature in fact you have the sexual maturity of a 2 year old.

I believe in my beliefs/You are too stubborn and you manipulate your own self

of course I could just say fuck it , go home get a job, put off university for another year or 2 till i save up the price for the final year of tuition and stop wasting precious time, but i made somebody a promise and I refuse to disappoint that person just because i could not take my punishment like a man just because i could not take a lil pressure, nope nope can't have that so I will force some patience in to existence  i will take the stupid drugs to prove i am right and try to control my temper, thank you for listening!


Penguins!!!! " Zebra's cant drive! only penguins and people can drive!!"  true story....

Pie is a good p word , one of the things on my bucket list or i suppose its 2 things, marry a woman that can make a pie ! ( she can buy it and say she made it or even just buy it i don't particularly care as long as they stand together) and have pie at an actual diner in the states.

I was trying to brain storm with Angela some P words and she had the nerve to suggest Pink!!!! how RUDE!! I do not like pink it may have something to do with my friend Claire being absolutely obsessed which resulted in me getting her a pink Christmas tree which of course she found to be perfect, i had a similar incident as a child with a girl called Suzanne and her obsession with the color Yellow and the planet Uranus.... ok perhaps i keep weird company... anyhow the conversation (i had to not unleash my pinky wrath since it is not her fault) reminded me of Facebook singing( she said 2 lines i said one that was it not a grand duet or anything sadly) with Angel and it happened to be a pink song  thus I dislike the color but adore the artist.

Perfect is a p word i am not fond of my biological mother was a perfectionist and it was problematic for me but it is also a nice song by pink Perfect-Pink .

Princess Sandra ( who is a magnificent artist that you can check out on Awesome link you MUST!! check  out) was kind enough to suggest the perfect thing to write about which is PANCAKES!!! pancakes are great I do not know how to make a round pancake mine always look erm "special" they look different but taste great!

Mr.Tim suggested Pumped which is what he is doing with the help of the Punisher.

Patience is a good word its something I am so good at because I have been obligated to be patience rather often in my life but so bad at   at the same time, I choose to be patient with some things because some things are worth it there is a difference when it is your choice in comparison to when well you have no choice but it doesn't make it any easier just more justified by what you are looking forward too.

Problems ...they jump at me left right center and even from behind but the beauty of problems is they make you creative they get you thinking for solutions so although problems are not nice they do stimulate ones mind to an extent.

Pretty things.... ill leave this for someone else to write about

There is one word that hit close to home so to speak when I was thinking of the letter P one thing that sung yup this is the word you could write about but I have to apologize for the disappointment ( assuming it is there) because I am not in the frame mind to do it justice, that word is Passion, I am a very passionate person I am passionate about life (even if this does not seem like the case right now) I get passionate about causes as is evident with me being stuck here as consequence or my passion , I am passionate about the people in my life be it a woman or my friends or family, passion gives me drive motivation sometimes it causes rash decisions but that is fine not every decision a person makes has to be sound that is the perfection of life.

and last but not least you are all perfect, do not doubt that ever, the perfection is in the imperfections and little quirks that each and every one of you has you are the only one that is perfectly you ...... ok my Preaching is over Perhaps I shall call it a Post for now.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I am a potter fan book wise and for some reason Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters with my favorite line of his being " Obviously....." with that condescending tone of his ( FINE! I admit I do use it with annoying people since I have the accent to pull it off or something like it). Opinion is also a rather good O word since everybody has one actually everybody has many but see this is not what I wish to ramble on about today.

The last few days have not been particularly the best but some things have been at least mentally sorted partitioned well Organized so to speak , some rough decisions have been made that was something that needed to be done and one more decision that is sadly not in my hands still needs to be made tonight.

Some of the rough decisions were not particularly to my liking at the current time but I do understand them and I did make a promise to wait however long it takes, now life has a way of making you doubt decisions and promises like that which is kind of where i was yesterday the what if it doesn't work out what if i screw it up before i even start what if other stuff happen what if it is not fair to either parties what if what if what if... one of the things agreed upon ( in a joking manner) was that in this particular case I will most likely need some divine intervention

And so to my surprise yesterday and today during my doubts divine intervention was presented in the form of Signs as I like to call them, signs that come in the form of random songs or quotes or billboards or something catches your eye you know what i am on about.... this has lead to reassurance in my decision and furthermore an Outburst of Optimism , yes O is for Optimism there is nothing wrong with being Optimistic you can be just that whilst still maintaining your feet firm on the ground of planet Jasoum or Earth as we know it, hope is such a wonderful thing to have a weapon not many people have and the dose of Hope I have gotten in the last 24 hours are all I needed, Optimism can equip you with positive energy (which brings in positive energy) it can make you feel fearless courageous and stronger than you admit to yourself.

so that thing that is currently on your mind nagging and filling you with doubts insecurities and what if's conquer it with a spear of Optimism without looking back, as the wise zoo man said " 20 seconds of courage is all it takes" or something like that!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


N is for Nylon that is right however we both know you are not foolish enough to believe I would write about Nylon!!!! no N is for navigating through notorious negativity which seems to be attempting to abduct positive thoughts and things from my life against my will , negativity is rather sneaky it is quite ninja like .

Coincidentally as admirable as ninja's are and yes I do dream of having ninja powers as almost every guy does, in a battle between a pirate and a ninja a Pirate would win statistically it is because a Pirate has a gun however I believe it is due to sheer awesomeness lack of discipline the presence of alcohol and possibly the stench , ninja's as fantastic and quick and strong as they are, are not trained on how to handle pirate stench hence the lack of deodorant or a nose peg as one of their weapons!

anyhow! back to navigating, as i said negativity is silent and it takes over your thoughts in a blink of an eye sometimes you will not realize it till you find yourself knee high in it ( which is bad in regards to everything that is not beach/lake/chocolate ok swimming pool applies too) which will most likely feel like you are stuck and have no idea what to do or which direction, which is where the navigator voice in your brain gets activated ( don't imagine your gps unless its that irish lady voice that says "round about" all funny and irish like ) i am not sure what yours tells you if you are crying in that situation the first thing it will tell you to do is to stop leaking it only adds to the mud! i mean negativity, mine brings up happy memories or happier memories at least, achievements,reminds that i have superpowers that are suitable to be used in this situation ...

actually i had the superpowers conversation with liz earlier today we established her smile is not a super power and i have 2 super powers the first being pure awesomeness that i can bestow upon anyone and usually help pull them out of their little puddle of negativity ( i try to use it as much as often without bragging) the second is i have the ability to fly for 2 seconds at a time because i need to refuel every 2 seconds , of course she was not happy with this but i stood my grounds! in saying that i will admit that any woman's smile is a superpower capable of pulling any man at least out of negativity.

so when you are stuck in that lil puddle remember you are strong and you can stride past it right in to the positive spectrum of sunshine you are also a pirate that can fend away that ninja like negativity because you are Amazing! ( no im not saying you stink or you are alcoholic im just saying you are cool like cap'n sparrow)

God bless you all!( and may he protect you from ninjas)

Also as Roxi just reminded me N is for NOTHING! can stop you or stand in your way.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for mission

Yes today  I am going to spare you a long one I figure I owe you that for yesterday, so today I am not going to talk about one specific thing I am going to ask you to go find your miracle or miniature miracle ( as the lovely Sandra put it ) and ignite the magic in your day , I'm talking about something that well if you were in a movie you'd get grand orchestral music playing in the background kind of magical, if you find something mystical or mysterious i will settle for that too but! at the end of the day I kindly ask you to come share it with us...

I think presenting you with this mission is much nicer than talking about how money is evil not because it was manufactured by Satan but, because we fail to recognize that it is only one currency out of many thus the balance of using the currencies is skewed towards money resulting in corruption and many other things anyway !

Be Marvelous and take the challenge please :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Do you know what the most important part of being knocked down or over is? be it by life by people by a brick it doesn't matter how you get knocked down or over i mean an evil scientist  might use a super duper fire breathing gun on you but it doesn't change anything,   the most important part of the process.... is getting back up!

No matter what you get back up because you are stronger than whomever would do that to you and God would never put you in a situation that you are not strong enough to over come.

ok now that the advice session is over my favorite K word is Kindness, I am very grateful to have many people in my life with the kindest hearts ( they make up for the unkind ones i have to deal with ) Kindness is not represented by donating stuff or money in my eyes, it can actually be found in a look or a word or a touch or a post it note its a sentiment that one can either emit or not you can't be slightly kind you either are kind or not.

So out of fear of turning this post Sappy ( which seems to be a theme SORRY!) I would just like to say be kind every day every moment you can try to be kind even when you do not have it in your heart to even be nice to someone be kind because kindness is a superpower that you my friend possess, and it takes you a long way.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for.. Jack's Journey

J is not particularly easy to write about mainly because my mind keeps drifting of to Jurassic park and Jammy dodgers, so I will as always write about a few J things first of all is Jack, Jack is my almost 3 months old foster puppy who is a black Labrador, when I took Jack in he couldn't walk he couldn't even stand for more than 2 seconds at a time he was most of the time in that position in the picture and when he tried to move it ends up looking like some sort of crawl with his arse in the air pushing forward and using his chin and elbows which i found had a big hairless patch with bloody scabs on each, he could not eat by himself he soiled himself naturally with occasional head spasms and if all that wasn't enough the poor fella was constipated.

I was very worried for Jack it was obvious by the second day that the previous owner/breeder was not feeding him that well nor giving him a proper dose of medication, my fear was it was a neurological condition rather than just lack of calcium or well lack of care I mean cmon even a puppy doesn't like being covered in its own urine all day long.

So obviously I fell in love with Jack immediately mind you his sister is also very gorgeous, he reminded me of the andrex puppy except well he is black, despite his condition you could see the warmth in his eyes and the need to please, he could not stand and still tried to follow me and the frustration he felt ( well it looked like he was beyond frustrated anyway) just broke my heart i decided if it was indeed a neurological condition I will be giving up on my trip to the states and using the saved funds to take him home with me even if it will cost a fortune.

By the 3rd day the lil fella was standing and trying to take a couple of steps before falling flat on his face , stubborn resilient little tyke he was a dog after my own heart  he kept trying and trying till by the end of the 3rd day he was walking which was completely astonishing, by the next day he was walking as if he had been all his short life, and by the end of the week Jack was galloping like a horse.

He still thinks he is a horse charges with his head down and prances around he barely barks maybe he is part horse? it would explain the size difference between him and his sister..... one of the things that I love about Jack is that he is the first dog that I have had the pleasure of living with that actually fetches the friggin ball! chases after it over and over again without boring of the process, yes he will not willingly give you the ball back you have to pull it out of his mouth , now I know this is not something important or even special but the fact of the matter is with all the dogs I've ever owned or dogs that belonged to friends none of them ever fetched! my Rhea used to fetch not more than 3 times then would give you the " if you want the stupid stick go bloody get it yourself !" look  so you can see my Joy!


speaking of Joy, despite my whining and my rough year as of 18.06.2011 I am very thankful that I can still find Joy in the little things such as playing fetch or managing to string a poem together or finding the patience required to not hurt someone well that goes for verbally or by testing to see if a brick can can come close enough to whisper rough somethings in to someones ear using its body language, I find Joy every day with the small witty conversations with my friends, I find Joy in my therapist admitting that I drive her insane ....that is what happens when you are arrogant around me! , and I find Joy in thinking of certain possibilities.

Anyway! back Jack, he seems to like me enough to ignore food for a good 10-30 seconds just to scratch my legs and try to get me to pet him before he eats which is very endearing he also thinks well actually they both think that I am a Jungle Jim ( double J points by any chance?even if it is spelled wrong!) a bed, a pillow, a fighting arena and last but not least as my poor hands will tell you a chewing toy, both my hands are chewing toy as far as Jack and Sophie are concerned they will sit there with a hand each in their mouth nibbling away ok nibbling is an understatement for him he literally tries to eat my hand a few times a day god knows why.

I am very happy to say that there are no more scabs and the fur has almost completely regrown on both his elbows and there is no trace of anything ever happening on his chin, he is a healthy lovely little pup now that likes to gnaw cries like a little bitch when play fighting with his sister who is half his size, and loves without measure, I remember last week when I was beyond upset because well I was being ignored by someone very dear to my heart he just climbed on top of me and lay his head on my chest and just kept looking at me with his puppy eyes till I felt loved again and forgot temporarily what the issue was.

Jack is one of my current Joys of life and I hope that I have managed to give his Journey through life an improved start , I hope we will find him a lovely home with someone who will adore him just as Jack will adore whomever it is Jack is my Joy he is a daddy's boy and I pray for the best for him

What is your Joy ?

I was going to ramble on about Jealousy then I realized i'm too much of a jealous man ( due to protectiveness and not lack of trust) that it would give the wrong impression.

Just a quick reminder to smile


Monday, 9 April 2012

go find someone you have not spoken to in a while and tell them that they are amazing , go do it NOW! yes you reading the blog NOW NOW NOW

I is for introduction to I

I is for a combination of intelligence slight insecurities( i refuse to admit to anything more than slight!)ingenious , irritating,insane, infatuated, invisible, invincible , inadequate, irreplaceable, interesting I !

So I is for me being Inspired to be egotistical no no not really egotistical , you see when the lovely miss Lou Lou commented on one of my posts earlier it made me realize or well gave me the sense that despite her being someone that is very dear to my heart ( for no one reason she has been since i met her i blame it on her amazing vibe) that she does not know me as well as i thought she did which means many of my friends probably soooo for I , I am going to allow you all to get to know me a lil bit an Introduction to I if you will.....

I am Anthony I am bad at speaking about myself and I hate overusing the word "I" which I realize which will unfortunately occur a lot during this blog, it would be better if you would ask questions but perhaps that would defy the purpose of " I", was born in London a few years ago to an Arab family with European origins that they dismiss and unfortunately the odd one out of the family,  raised in Manchester then forced to go back to Libya which caused a culture clash in my mind as parents wanted something and my brain can not process anything illogical , lets see I was subjected to plenty of emotional and physical abuse from them which is why i loved school, i love reading, animals, cooking( which i am not half bad at just for your information!) i have a thing for underdogs i feel it is my duty to help if i come across anyone at all that needs help does that make me the nice guy next door kind of person? i don't know, I am considered slightly weird or abnormal maybe one of the reasons for that is because i try to make logical sense of many things.

My way of getting to know people or choosing the people to include in my life begins with sensing the vibe that i get from them that is how initially i will feel or decide that yes this is a person i want to get to know or not, sorry if that sounds crazy but it happens and there isn't another way in my head to explain it better than that. I am honest to the point of it being a flaw, and very proud, very very muleish (stubborn) but usually i mean well because rather often i will go out of my way to help someone else in fact I've done the adult version of giving away your lunch/lunch money and staying hungry for someone because they need it more rather often. my heart is at my sleeve my emotion is at the tip of my tongue because I've learnt life is too short so i don't like keeping things in or to myself for too long just in case.

slightly competitive, occasionally moody, very very patient but not patient at the same time if that makes sense, i love drawing but i'm shit at it unless effort is sufficiently being invested and time, reading is one of my favorite things to do but i do not learn through reading the hands on or acoustic approach is easier for me , what people see in the mirror and what i see when i look at them are somewhat different i try to see people as a whole and to be honest i have to admit that i am surrounded by beautiful amazing people this includes people that are hurting me that can easily be put aside and i still see them as beautiful people.

I love Disney this may be slightly embarrassing but i still cry every time i see dumbo or Bambi ( those are the only times i ever cry!) and im a big kid a real softy in heart despite my macho appearance attempts.I am a chocaholic and proud!

erm lets see what else, i believe i am capable of making a difference at least in one person's life but still trying to figure out how, i do not easily admit defeat or being hurt or broken and tend to ignore it till the pain is unbearable where i will rant about how its unfair and shit then go back to ignoring it the very next day and resuming a life trying to be happy chasing after dreams, yes a dreamer is me! I  am fair and always to try to work on my self without changing the imperfections that shape my personality, if i love someone i mean it and i love deeply which is probably bad but there is know other way of doing it for me, intelligent women especially gingers are my weakness as are lil fury things that can not be squished accidentally in one's hand.

I am a family man and would protect my family with my life, my friends and my loved ones are my family, i do not  now how to do something half arsedly or half way its either 100% or not unless it is something for myself ( self value is something i am working on), very hot headed passionate and argumentative but will admit if i'm wrong and apologize, I'm the guy that will walk you home to make sure you arrive safe despite twisting my ankle or having a headache from hell, I'm the guy that will listen to you repeat the same mistakes with the same kind of guys or girls and give you a hug even if i strongly disagree with your choices, I'm the guy that makes my students try to feel at home in a foreign country( i work with international students) and the guy that will try anything that needs to be done to make something happen even if it is not within my limits or reach.

I am the nice guy that girls look over , the best friend, the brother , the cool uncle , the guy that will get your kid an Easter egg or those new soccer shoes they've been pining about because the father can't  be arsed, the guy that things every little girl is a princess and every real woman is a queen that should be treated as such, I fight for animal rights, gay rights, basic human rights, minorities,underdogs,misunderstood people , anyone that lost their voice during some point in time, I am the guy that will cook you dinner and insist on rubbing your back when you get home from work, the guy that will randomly send you flowers or leave you notes to  not just show you how much i care but make you feel it, the guy that will try what  i hate just to make you happy.

I am a proud believer in God and I am a Muslim, I am different but strong , caring but not naive,smart but not insensitive ,I am a gentleman, ,I am very silly, spontaneous at times, crazyish (in a non medical more fun way) hell if it wasn't for my mediocre looks i'm pretty near perfect! ( did i forget to mention egotistical at times?)I can be a bit annoying some women would say scary actually too but extremely genuine .I know what I want maybe not how to get it but that's ok life is a journey that I wish to take my time through....

that is all i can think of and it is more than enough but feel free to ask whatever e
Sooooooo introduce me to yourself?

oh and i LOVE! arguing if i have not mentioned it already if i have well this is for confirmation on how much i love arguing and debating

H is for a combination of Hness

Ok so finding a word with the letter H that I could ramble on in my style was not easy although I do love horses but my knowledge is not expanded enough to give them a fair post ( i could say they are big cute poop machines?)so i did what i do every day and post the letter on my Facebook to see what my delightful friends would suggest and it was a combination that lead to a happy hooker named hooba, hugs honor and high hairy humans now of course you can see why i call my friends delightful , and so naturally i will not write about any of those.

Instead I am going to write about how hunger leads to heaven or hell no i am not referring to gluttony being a sin and such no, see I was not having a particularly nice night last night I was being slightly difficult to say the least feeling all sub human lacking patience humiliated and rather hurt ( hurt would have been a good post but i refuse to be negative today), and so today during my ride in to town melting in the heat it dawned to me that I whilst passion can give birth to marvelous things it is hunger that brings out the true creativity to change something to make a difference, passion is one of the essential variables I can not deny that but if one is to be honest is passion alone capable of doing anything other than make you slightly happy or in some cases make you look nutty ?

when you are hungry for something or someone ( its like a passion with a sense of need to it perhaps?)your mind starts thinking of all possible ways to reach your destination to make your dream a reality or sometimes it is as simple as making a difference initiating change ,I'm talking about that hunger that riles you up inside the hunger that turns anger in to productive passion the hunger that makes you sit down make a to do list and start checking it bit by bit, in a sense it is not too different from the haunting hunger to get a croissant from your favorite patisserie or a steak from a steak house?( funny word steak house i can imagine a house made of steaks built by that 4th little piggy that nobody talks about because he made a deal with the wolf that he will give him steak if he leaves him alone ) you know the hunger that does not leave you alone till you do something about it.

now the outcome of such hunger depends on the person and the excuse my phrase but insanity of it ( lets face it I'm not one to come up with the sanest idea's )a hunger for money could either make you a very hard working person that results in success which is fantastic as long as you do not let it develop in to something else a beast really and know when enough is enough, or it could turn you in to a criminal that will do anything for money there is probably plenty of better examples but i think this relays the picture i am attempting to paint, if your intentions are pure or well good anyway you can pretty much use it to do absolutely anything to build your heaven its what i intend to do I admit I am not just passionate about a person I hunger to make her happy, I am not just passionate about genetics I have a hunger to learn everything there is to make cures to change lives to help , but sometimes we get carried away and we do not focus on the little essential steps and so you either end up creating a prison of hell for yourself ( i am a strong believer in karma so i truly believe that usually happens when your intentions are bad), of course sometimes you need to walk through hell to get to heaven but that is just life all good things are challenging if they weren't they would not be worth it and you would not enjoy them.

What are you hungry for? are you using it to build your paradise or to cage yourself?

I should have probably stuck to writing about Hakuna matata ...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for ....

G is for goldfish i had one it died the end! .

ok G is proving to be difficult because all the words i can think about lead to sappiness( this included gold gardens giggles genies grins gentlemen and grand gestures among many other words)which i refuse to include in my post again this week, or religion which i will not do because i refuse to shove my thoughts on religion down any ones throat.

Although I was very tempted to write about friendship but it also failed to meet the criteria, we could talk about a flying unicorn which for some reason does not exist why do we have unicorns and Pegasus's but no hybrid of the both? i mean considering the current advances in science and presumable Awesome genetic experiments i would have expected to see a unicus by now or a penguin that could fly .

do you think if dinosaurs somehow miraculously still roamed the earth we could live in peace with each other or better yet do you think you have what it takes to survive  or or or or or even better! to tame a dinosaur?! that would be soooooooo awesome if you could do that i think you are amazing already :D

say who makes IQ tests that decide if a person is a genius or not? is it a psychiatrist? i dont like them they are mostly loony and a lot can't tell a disorder from someone having a rough day, what do they base it on besides well numbers and pictures ooooh a rainbow! i haven't seen a rainbow in a while other than the picture of a rainbow that Angel took the other day it was pretty, did you know that a cookie contains more power than a dynamite bar you know the explosive kind not the edible ones the only difference is how this power or well energy is released , i suppose if you put cookies together whilst they are still warm then let them dry you could hurt someone with them for   5 seconds before it crumbles to lil crumbs on their head when you yell surprise and throw it at their face? cmon lets face it you would rather have someone throw a cue of cookies at your head than a brick! my response would still be ooooooh cookie .....

gullible there is a good word im often accused of being gullible sadly i am not well i am sometimes when it regards women but that is just because im a hopeless romantic thingy person! i like to think of my self as too nice rather than gullible because there isn't enough niceness in the world nowadays.

anyway i can't think of anything else to write about right now because i am falling asleep and i have to go to an appointment but as you have gathered .... G is for GIBBERISH!

G is also for giddy and I am giddy as a giddy gidder high on giddified  sugar ! and i am trying to ground myself from spreading the giddiness aka saying/doing something stupid , i am usually only giddy when erm well I'm not going to tell you when! i don't know who reads this it might be used against me!(and if you are one of the few that knows what makes me giddy you are not allowed to tell  but feel free to guess or mislead other people) but i am blaming it on easter being in 2 hours and 34 minutes!

Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for.....

Now considering not only is it Friday on F day it is Good Friday thus one of the topics that is likely to be common today is forgiveness which was initially what I felt the need to write about after reading miss Lou Lou's blog ( which is magnificent I adore her writing style and can be found here

And so I will come to another topic that is on my mind but I sadly do not have enough energy to articulate my conversation to the standard I would like but since it is 30 minutes to midnight I shall try!

As you all know I did what any human with a heart in the right place and the proper opportunity would have done and that is volunteering in Libya during the war I have some medical knowledge I have some forensic knowledge I know the language and I do not lack reason or logic during stress, turns out I am not phased by explosions bullets or scary men with guns shouting out threats anyhow this is not the point!

When I was there and I had been keeping up day to day with all that happened since the 17th of February 2011 and being there in person it is so admirable and fills your heart with pride how people can unite for one cause, one little tiny thing that has been taken away from them for 42 long years , this one little thing has cost this country with the population of only 6 million people over 100,000 souls or well martyrs in addition to at least 50,000 missing people who are now presumed dead also not to mention the hundreds of thousands of injured people, of course one must not forget to mention the thousands of brave people that occasionally went missing and were found dead the thousands that were massacred throughout these last 42 years( some bodies were actually found in freezers that have been stored for the last 30 years!) this little thing is what many of us take for granted and many others misuse in addition to the people that do not even know what it is if it hit them on the face, yes you guessed it I am speaking of Freedom.Of course these all paid the price for it but so many others were victims of this monstrous tyranny such as the tragic Lockerbie bombing , the night club in Amsterdam and many others.

What is freedom in your eyes?the right to vote ? the right to state your opinion?the right to walk down a street with nothing but a hat on? the right to go wherever you want? the right to bare arms? the right to have an abortion? the right to feel safe? to be free of financial burdens?or to defend yourself against any threat? ( ok the right to defend yourself against any threat has an entire own opinion that you will need to remind me about )

This is what these people paid in blood for and much more, what they truly wanted was the basic human rights the basic freedom any person should get and this was the same in Egypt and Tunisia except it was not as bad a regime and not as bad a revolution ( no war's except for Libya thankfully considering I was in all 3)

 Now there is no denying that I applaud the efforts and how beautifully they united during the time of war to free themselves from the oppression of tyrant Muammar Gadaffi , however and it saddens me to say this especially in Libya and Egypt ( tunisia seem to be doing a tiny bit better) they got rid of the rulers they are actively trying to get rid of every person that participated in the corruptness ( not very successfully mind you) they are speaking their opinions making fabulous street art ( which was previously forbidden)to an extent trying to rebuild, surely by now you are thinking ok he there is a BUT here where is it and you are right there is a big BUT.

But! what do you do when you are a person that has only had dreams of the mere concept of freedom and then you got it? is it much different than dreaming of being a pilot and getting a plane for your birthday then you decide on the spot to take it for a spin when the only thing you know about flying is that birds planes jets and superman are capable of it? apart from the few ( in comparison to the population of the world) that have been trapped in one cage or another be it debt be it an abusive relationship be it an unhealthy childhood or an unfair government  that can somewhat appreciate the true meaning of breathing in the air of freedom, do any of us really know the true depth of freedom?

A human's freedom ends when it violates that of another human being, or creature in my opinion....

I am still fighting hard to gain my complete freedom , please Don't ever take yours for granted.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Enchantment

Today is not a particularly easy post because there is SOOOOO! much to choose from,Elephants could have been a good topic sadly my knowledge in regards to elephants is limited to they are large they have tusks they live in zoo's India or Africa and they eat their own poop because at least half of it does not get digests  Easter was not a topic because I am depressed that I am stuck in Egypt with not even a scent of an Easter egg and to make matters worse they do not sell Maltesers bunnies.

Ok so the Maltesers bunnies may have something to do with it, maybe its just me (doubtful though) but I've noticed that every now and then life starts taking you through a particular daily routine with minor differences each day which is fine for some people you do the same things go to work or school go to the gas station cuss and mutter under your breath at the prices of gas among many other things that I will not list that occur on a daily basis , during this at least for me anyway I find out of the blue I am sucked not only in to routine but a pretty much dull lifestyle that lacks excitement lacks enthusiasm lacks..... magic.

Whenever I realize this ( usually a couple of days in to it ) action immediately has to be taken and I do that by looking at the little things and trying to find the magic, those amazing little things that can make you feel enchanted and the beauty of it is that it could be absolutely anything from an idea to a project to a picture hell even just blasting up a favorite tune and jumping on the bed! or cooking up a silly idea with your friend and then laughing at yourself that my friend is the true essence of life and magic, AND! to make it better every single day is full of little things that can enchant you and touch your heart.

The only right way to eat a maltesers bunny is in herds or families or whatever you call a large number of bunnies!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Delicious and Divine Darls!

Although I have known this magnificent super human for a long time I sadly have not acknowledged her importance in my life till recently, she managed to wiggle her way in to my heart and it was like overnight without my noticing she turned in to one of the very few Australians or well people for that matter that I absolutely blindly completely adore ,  one of the very few people that tolerates my insanity and sappiness and well crazy ideas and one of the even fewer people that the phrase" I Love you" can  be easily said to without a shadow of Doubt, the fact that we have the same Dark twisted sense of humor may just have something to Do with that.

Darls has always had my back mind you she tells me off if I am  being a knob and Does not hate me yet for calling her lil ankle biter a mop, its not easy writing about Darls because she may tell me off! and because there is nothing that i could write about her or how i feel about her that she Does not already know,she is literally my safety net or one of the people i call my "person" I am very lucky to have such a Delightful person in my life and hope that I can be as awesome to her as she is to me.

Also I have to admit that she would be the first I would go to to Discuss my world Domination plans because her imagination is just DIVINE! ( notice the attempted D theme here?), also since my post was going to talk about Deviation ( talking about Darls wins !) but I will mention this ..... I was raised in an Arab high class aristocratic cultural environment and since I turned out to be nothing like what is expected of me I am considered I am considered a Deviation , now anybody who knows me can vouch that it is not a bad thing but with a family like mine being a Deviation is considered borderline Dangerous and comes with a very high price that I am still paying, but every time that starts takings its toll on me Darls is one of the few that can make me feel safe and not in the wrong which is probably one of the reasons that I am so Devoted to this wonderful person.

Thank you for everything Darls, I truly Dote on ( its the only d synonym for cherish how sad!) our friendship x

Since i put Delicious in the title I might as well tell you that Darls is one of the most Delicious personalities anyone could ever meet!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for many many many things

Originally without giving it more than a second of thought the letter C called out for a blog about Cake which is only natural since I am about as addicted to Cake as I am to Chocolate which was the second option it was suggested that it be combined to Chocolate Cake ( my mouth is watering just writing about it!) However after a rough day of getting lost and people pointing me in different directions I realized just how home sick I was, Now it took me years to walk in to a city and get the feeling of homeliness so imagine my relief about 3 years ago when I arrived at Chester train station ( which has an aura of history in it so beautiful) stood right in front of it and breathed in the unexpected sensation of arriving home.

Chester is in the northwest of England on the borders of north wales it is a small friendly very classy town ( ok fine it is where the rich people mainly Dr's retire!) it is a city with history but that has successfully integrated that magnificence with well modernism so to speak giving it a cozy aura, an interesting thing about Chester is you will rarely meet anybody who is actually from there but you will meet people from all over England and the world! , now there has only one other place that made me feel like that but it was not even a place i ever visited I was merely doing research about possible universities for my final year in the states but as soon as i saw the pictures of Savannah Georgia I fell in love it is like the american version of Chester except with an upgrade the BEACH!

Ok enough of what the post could have been on and on to the subject which I shall try to make brief no Sandra it is not Cookies! but there will be a cookies post just for you at some point, C is for something so rare nowadays it is almost extinct, how often do you see guys pull a chair for their woman before she sits at a restaurant or stand up every time she leaves or returns, open doors to women and elderly allowing them to go first or getting out to open the car door for them, when walking with a woman walking on the street side of a pavement/sidewalk to protect her from any surprise puddles ! making sure they got home ok, ok you all get where this is going C is for Chivalry which is not completely dead but when the most common act of Chivalry is taking your jacket off when its cold and putting it on her shoulders which in many cases is also used for an alternative purposes not just because it is simply the right thing to do , well that makes me sad because there aren't nearly enough gentlemen out there , and I am an old fashioned kinda fella I think Chivalry presents us with the opportunity to do little things to make other people feel cared for and respected among many other things that i will not mention now because I've noticed a theme of lists going on and I do not wish to make this Blog any longer !

Maybe I should open a Gentlemen camp; Chivalry training center?

Good day!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for bloody Annoying !

I was thinking of all sorts of A related subjects that one could write about when falling asleep granted a very grim mood was present at the time so some of the things considered were assassination atomic bombs alibi acupuncture(using daggers) you get the gist of it .... after falling asleep in such a mood I woke up to the sun  creeping in all bright and shiny at 6 or 7 am considering it was a restless sleep that was annoying as fuck to make it worse the sun had to bring in its intolerable friend heat which was equally as annoying .

And so I started my day rather Annoyed which of course made it rather appropriate to write about annoying things now granted everything that crosses my path today will feel annoying so here are a few things you can do to annoy someone :

  •  Walk in say something then leave without closing the room door/lights/both.
  • Hog the covers.
  • Leave the TV on whilst someone is trying to sleep.
  • Be cute as hell and live on the other side of the planet.
  • Attempt to play an instrument when you have musical talent in negative figures.
  • Sit next to someone and continuously poke them on the shoulder ( other body parts are permitted within reason) I tend to do this often.
  • Continuously call out someones name for no reason whilst they can hear you, nothing wrong with variation in how you say it , you know Stewie style.
  • Finish the last of the chocolate cake.
  • Finish the last of anything super tasty in the house, preferably when the stores are about roughly ten minutes at the most from closing.
  • Talk to someone who is ignoring you as if they are not ignoring you.
  • Stand in front of the window( house or car) of someone ignoring you and make silly faces ( not to the point of stalkerism )
  • Scratch the window/blackboard repeatedly .
  • Change the page the bookmark is on in a book they are reading.
  • Send chain emails/texts.
  • Throw pillows at whomever is in the room with you at the time.
  • Hog the cute puppy/kitten/tiny human.
  • Removing the toilet paper from the toilet.
  • Finish the hot water.
  • Smother someone.
  • Hide one pair of all the sock's somebody owns ( you should give one pair back if the person is going to be late for work that then turns from annoying to resentful)
  • Play Call of Duty without screaming obscenities at the screen ( that may bring forth a suggestion to see a psychiatrist actually ).
  • Text someone over and over again or not reply to someone half way through a textual conversation since its harder to do when you are talking ( hanging up does not count that is just rude ).
  • Be a fake know it all.
  • put a short person's shoes on top of a kitchen shelf or wardrobe and build a fort with all the chairs and ladders in the house.... do not forget to protect the fort!
  • Hide the remote control.
  • Tell people how to annoy other people which potentially means you are a very annoying person to be around.
Feel free to add to the list! I decided to stop there because it is probably already too long!