Monday, 26 March 2012

Nameless post

Today was not too bad I woke up to a telephone call from a friend that I had terribly missed sadly she just found out her father has cancer in the last stages and there is nothing that can be done, lil Sophie jumped from being 5 ft in the air out of sheer excitement or well perhaps she needed to go badly? and then she was lurking around and almost fell of the 6th floor so perhaps she thinks that by being a prissy princess she automatically gains flying rights? or maybe she was just simply trying to claim the airspace around the apartment, naturally within nano seconds of me seeing where she was standing I yelled and she immediately jumped down ( back to the balcony not attempted to fly!) and I had to secure the area furthermore let us hope she does not try again because she really scared me.

The day went by smoothly me and my father started discussing a few things then the therapist explained a few things to him, it was an interesting session she practically offered to abort because I stated clearly if i do not understand i will not process i thus can not work on whatever it is so work with that or well don't and she stated that we can not work with that so not sure what is going to happen because i refuse to stop thinking or intellectualizing things it is just the way I am haven't changed this far will not change because to me it is nice, she insists my mind and body are not connected because my brain is over active   naturally I disagreed and was called a smart arse at least 12 times today which of course tempted me to say say good morning sunshine did you just pick up on that fact almost 4 months later? safe to say she does not like my smart arse side in fact she stated she was glad the session was over yet somehow I left the room with her laughing..... some women are just weird!

My father seems like he wants to discuss a few things with me in regards to protection of real estate in Libya and sorting a few things out, think he wants my help because I will not prance around with my gun and settle things out in a civil manner before even considering making threats of violence considering the screwed up state of affairs there ( don't fret I am not at all a violent man unless someone I love is in danger or being threatened that kinda thing) of course if i am to do that for a few months it will be in exchange of him getting off my back and supporting my decision of moving to the states well mainly the leaving me alone part and not continuously mentioning that its a 12 hour flight and that it is too far away stuff like that.

Have you ever noticed just how much space little puppies hog? it is like they stretch to their maximum length and take all that space in the bed and preferably on you so you feel guilty if you want to turn because you will disrupt their sleep,

anyhow my chest is now wheezing too much and I am tired of this rude cough interrupting my musings ! so I am going to go try to figure out how i can sleep whilst they are hogging the bloody bed.

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