Sunday, 1 April 2012

A is for bloody Annoying !

I was thinking of all sorts of A related subjects that one could write about when falling asleep granted a very grim mood was present at the time so some of the things considered were assassination atomic bombs alibi acupuncture(using daggers) you get the gist of it .... after falling asleep in such a mood I woke up to the sun  creeping in all bright and shiny at 6 or 7 am considering it was a restless sleep that was annoying as fuck to make it worse the sun had to bring in its intolerable friend heat which was equally as annoying .

And so I started my day rather Annoyed which of course made it rather appropriate to write about annoying things now granted everything that crosses my path today will feel annoying so here are a few things you can do to annoy someone :

  •  Walk in say something then leave without closing the room door/lights/both.
  • Hog the covers.
  • Leave the TV on whilst someone is trying to sleep.
  • Be cute as hell and live on the other side of the planet.
  • Attempt to play an instrument when you have musical talent in negative figures.
  • Sit next to someone and continuously poke them on the shoulder ( other body parts are permitted within reason) I tend to do this often.
  • Continuously call out someones name for no reason whilst they can hear you, nothing wrong with variation in how you say it , you know Stewie style.
  • Finish the last of the chocolate cake.
  • Finish the last of anything super tasty in the house, preferably when the stores are about roughly ten minutes at the most from closing.
  • Talk to someone who is ignoring you as if they are not ignoring you.
  • Stand in front of the window( house or car) of someone ignoring you and make silly faces ( not to the point of stalkerism )
  • Scratch the window/blackboard repeatedly .
  • Change the page the bookmark is on in a book they are reading.
  • Send chain emails/texts.
  • Throw pillows at whomever is in the room with you at the time.
  • Hog the cute puppy/kitten/tiny human.
  • Removing the toilet paper from the toilet.
  • Finish the hot water.
  • Smother someone.
  • Hide one pair of all the sock's somebody owns ( you should give one pair back if the person is going to be late for work that then turns from annoying to resentful)
  • Play Call of Duty without screaming obscenities at the screen ( that may bring forth a suggestion to see a psychiatrist actually ).
  • Text someone over and over again or not reply to someone half way through a textual conversation since its harder to do when you are talking ( hanging up does not count that is just rude ).
  • Be a fake know it all.
  • put a short person's shoes on top of a kitchen shelf or wardrobe and build a fort with all the chairs and ladders in the house.... do not forget to protect the fort!
  • Hide the remote control.
  • Tell people how to annoy other people which potentially means you are a very annoying person to be around.
Feel free to add to the list! I decided to stop there because it is probably already too long!


  1. Some of the things on your annoying list would make for a good prank, specifically, the sock one! I hope you're less annoyed now.

  2. well considering the date I am guilty of trying to inspire a few pranks , thanks i was less annoyed till jack and sophie (puppies) decided to wake me up at 3 30 and then fall asleep love your blog btw!


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