Monday, 30 April 2012


Marty !!! who doesn't love Marty how could you resist a zebra that does not shut up with a superb sense of humor at least in his mind ( and mine) and is the epitome of awesome!! of course i would say that he reminds me of the cartoon version of myself :D except well I have a British accent and am not always able to talk that fast and he is whiter than me but personality we are similar ! i think at least anyway... its really the smarter version of Donkey!

It is the final day , yes I am sad I got used to it one of my faithful readers admitted it sucks too , met a couple of nice people and found a few rather awesome blogs wait i should not be reflecting till next week guess ill have to cut this paragraph short!

Z is also for zoo's i love zoo's i wanted to be a vet or a zoo keeper to help all those animals although there being in captivity does break my heart.

Do you really know though what Z is really for ? I will share my thoughts with you dear friends Z is for Zero the quantity which could either be an end or a beginning as I am currently feeling quite Zen ( yes i am misusing the term i apologize ) I choose to see it as both the end and the beginning , I have had a horrid year my plans have gone anything but according to the plan this includes every single one of them and it has slowly started breaking me down to the point where i have seriously considered making other people happy and just giving up after all it kind of feels like i am being knocked around with thor's hammer , and then i remembered something very important i learnt during this year which is sometimes if your current theme/plan/attempt does not work then perhaps you should just change your strategy or your route to arriving at the goal rather than giving up entirely it is pointless putting effort and time to waste actually it is a waste rather than just to find a strategic planner! anyone know where i could find one?

And now I am going to shush because my hands hurt that is a story for later , be well! and zoooooom :D


  1. Congrats on finishing:) Here's to the next time!

    1. perhaps we can find a challenge before next April?


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