Saturday, 7 April 2012

G is for ....

G is for goldfish i had one it died the end! .

ok G is proving to be difficult because all the words i can think about lead to sappiness( this included gold gardens giggles genies grins gentlemen and grand gestures among many other words)which i refuse to include in my post again this week, or religion which i will not do because i refuse to shove my thoughts on religion down any ones throat.

Although I was very tempted to write about friendship but it also failed to meet the criteria, we could talk about a flying unicorn which for some reason does not exist why do we have unicorns and Pegasus's but no hybrid of the both? i mean considering the current advances in science and presumable Awesome genetic experiments i would have expected to see a unicus by now or a penguin that could fly .

do you think if dinosaurs somehow miraculously still roamed the earth we could live in peace with each other or better yet do you think you have what it takes to survive  or or or or or even better! to tame a dinosaur?! that would be soooooooo awesome if you could do that i think you are amazing already :D

say who makes IQ tests that decide if a person is a genius or not? is it a psychiatrist? i dont like them they are mostly loony and a lot can't tell a disorder from someone having a rough day, what do they base it on besides well numbers and pictures ooooh a rainbow! i haven't seen a rainbow in a while other than the picture of a rainbow that Angel took the other day it was pretty, did you know that a cookie contains more power than a dynamite bar you know the explosive kind not the edible ones the only difference is how this power or well energy is released , i suppose if you put cookies together whilst they are still warm then let them dry you could hurt someone with them for   5 seconds before it crumbles to lil crumbs on their head when you yell surprise and throw it at their face? cmon lets face it you would rather have someone throw a cue of cookies at your head than a brick! my response would still be ooooooh cookie .....

gullible there is a good word im often accused of being gullible sadly i am not well i am sometimes when it regards women but that is just because im a hopeless romantic thingy person! i like to think of my self as too nice rather than gullible because there isn't enough niceness in the world nowadays.

anyway i can't think of anything else to write about right now because i am falling asleep and i have to go to an appointment but as you have gathered .... G is for GIBBERISH!

G is also for giddy and I am giddy as a giddy gidder high on giddified  sugar ! and i am trying to ground myself from spreading the giddiness aka saying/doing something stupid , i am usually only giddy when erm well I'm not going to tell you when! i don't know who reads this it might be used against me!(and if you are one of the few that knows what makes me giddy you are not allowed to tell  but feel free to guess or mislead other people) but i am blaming it on easter being in 2 hours and 34 minutes!


  1. I speak gibberish all day long, I consider it my second language! My Dad has been getting at me for years to tackle Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I would love to, it's just very hard with a little one to find time to read such an important work of literature. I would love to though!

  2. psssst you can cheat a lil there is a movie for half of it ( not by far even remotely as nice as the book!) but it will save some of your eye sight! i didn't get to finish it but it is still a lovely book and Gibberish should be an official language :D

  3. You call it Gibberish? Finally, a term for what I do, other than plain old 'Longwindedness', which as we all know, is no where near as exciting as the word 'Gibberish'.

    How wonderful!

  4. pffft what you do IS Longwindedness but the word giberish is shorter and awesomer to pronounce :D


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