Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C is for many many many things

Originally without giving it more than a second of thought the letter C called out for a blog about Cake which is only natural since I am about as addicted to Cake as I am to Chocolate which was the second option it was suggested that it be combined to Chocolate Cake ( my mouth is watering just writing about it!) However after a rough day of getting lost and people pointing me in different directions I realized just how home sick I was, Now it took me years to walk in to a city and get the feeling of homeliness so imagine my relief about 3 years ago when I arrived at Chester train station ( which has an aura of history in it so beautiful) stood right in front of it and breathed in the unexpected sensation of arriving home.

Chester is in the northwest of England on the borders of north wales it is a small friendly very classy town ( ok fine it is where the rich people mainly Dr's retire!) it is a city with history but that has successfully integrated that magnificence with well modernism so to speak giving it a cozy aura, an interesting thing about Chester is you will rarely meet anybody who is actually from there but you will meet people from all over England and the world! , now there has only one other place that made me feel like that but it was not even a place i ever visited I was merely doing research about possible universities for my final year in the states but as soon as i saw the pictures of Savannah Georgia I fell in love it is like the american version of Chester except with an upgrade the BEACH!

Ok enough of what the post could have been on and on to the subject which I shall try to make brief no Sandra it is not Cookies! but there will be a cookies post just for you at some point, C is for something so rare nowadays it is almost extinct, how often do you see guys pull a chair for their woman before she sits at a restaurant or stand up every time she leaves or returns, open doors to women and elderly allowing them to go first or getting out to open the car door for them, when walking with a woman walking on the street side of a pavement/sidewalk to protect her from any surprise puddles ! making sure they got home ok, ok you all get where this is going C is for Chivalry which is not completely dead but when the most common act of Chivalry is taking your jacket off when its cold and putting it on her shoulders which in many cases is also used for an alternative purposes not just because it is simply the right thing to do , well that makes me sad because there aren't nearly enough gentlemen out there , and I am an old fashioned kinda fella I think Chivalry presents us with the opportunity to do little things to make other people feel cared for and respected among many other things that i will not mention now because I've noticed a theme of lists going on and I do not wish to make this Blog any longer !

Maybe I should open a Gentlemen camp; Chivalry training center?

Good day!

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