Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D is for Delicious and Divine Darls!

Although I have known this magnificent super human for a long time I sadly have not acknowledged her importance in my life till recently, she managed to wiggle her way in to my heart and it was like overnight without my noticing she turned in to one of the very few Australians or well people for that matter that I absolutely blindly completely adore ,  one of the very few people that tolerates my insanity and sappiness and well crazy ideas and one of the even fewer people that the phrase" I Love you" can  be easily said to without a shadow of Doubt, the fact that we have the same Dark twisted sense of humor may just have something to Do with that.

Darls has always had my back mind you she tells me off if I am  being a knob and Does not hate me yet for calling her lil ankle biter a mop, its not easy writing about Darls because she may tell me off! and because there is nothing that i could write about her or how i feel about her that she Does not already know,she is literally my safety net or one of the people i call my "person" I am very lucky to have such a Delightful person in my life and hope that I can be as awesome to her as she is to me.

Also I have to admit that she would be the first I would go to to Discuss my world Domination plans because her imagination is just DIVINE! ( notice the attempted D theme here?), also since my post was going to talk about Deviation ( talking about Darls wins !) but I will mention this ..... I was raised in an Arab high class aristocratic cultural environment and since I turned out to be nothing like what is expected of me I am considered I am considered a Deviation , now anybody who knows me can vouch that it is not a bad thing but with a family like mine being a Deviation is considered borderline Dangerous and comes with a very high price that I am still paying, but every time that starts takings its toll on me Darls is one of the few that can make me feel safe and not in the wrong which is probably one of the reasons that I am so Devoted to this wonderful person.

Thank you for everything Darls, I truly Dote on ( its the only d synonym for cherish how sad!) our friendship x

Since i put Delicious in the title I might as well tell you that Darls is one of the most Delicious personalities anyone could ever meet!


  1. Tony you are one of the very few people in my life that totally gets me, your post just made my day.. my week.. my month.. hell.. you just gave me the biggest shit eating grin ever!! thank you ♥♥

    You know I'm very similar to you and don't throw the "I love you" thing out there to very many people at all.. but 1000% without any hesitation on my part (AND in public!) I love you to pieces my friend. For you I would take a bullet, push you out of the way of a speeding train, give your psychologist a piece of MY mind (so she has something to work with) and protect you from all that is evil in life.

    More people on the planet could do with a Tony in their life, you make mine brighter in an unmeasurable number of ways. Thank you for being you xoxoxo ♥

  2. I'm glad she ^^ enjoyed your post about her, instead of telling you off... haha!! It's rare to have somebody express their feelings about you so openly like that. It definitely takes courage. Great work with the challenge... keep em' coming.

  3. very true I am going to save this and if anyone ever again tells me it does not pay off to be picky ill show it to them! or anytime I piss her off in the future I will just show her how much she loves me :D love your blog btw keep em coming too!

  4. What a beautiful thing to write!

    I am a huge believer in telling the people you care about what they mean to you, and exactly how they make a difference in your life.

    This being said, it is not always as easy as that, and I often find myself challenged when confronted with the perfect opportunity, pretending not to see it, or diregarding it. or even going so far as to put it in an ice cream container and shove in the freezer underneath everything else heavy (so it can't be seen)

    Okay, that was not a good analogy.

    So, this is beautiful and you are very brave!


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