Friday, 27 April 2012


Firstly the picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post it just looked So SUPER! Awesome I had to share because sharing is caring right? or something silly like that anyway .

X is a letter of the alphabet it's mostly used to rack peoples brain's ( yes yes my grammar is off who cares) thinking of a word that starts with X that is not xylophone or a pharmaceutical, X is also a variable an unknown quantity used to drive some people crazy during the course of mathematical equations, i say during the course of because it is usually a lengthily process when driving said people crazy on some occasions it is rather fun to watch... no I am not mean!!!I just well don't take my time and laugh at people trying to figure it out? fine fine i am not that sadistic but it can be fun! try it sometime ( but not on lil kids that is just mean)

as X is used for unknown variables in mathematics and physics it kind of caught on and started being used for unknown anythings ( no i don't know if that is the actual sequence of events but in my mind it is ), it is used for treasure maps and aiming and unknown mutant genes till they become known , this fly buzzing around looks like a big x that needs hunting down too.... there we go that's done now i can try and concentrate on this post if JO! stops pestering me God that Jo can be such a nuisance at times (it is actually vice versa to be honest)

I was worried about what to write for X then it struck me right in the middle of my wee forehead X is for X-MEN how could i not have made the association sooner, X-men are basically giant X's walking around aren't they? because women are smarter than that ok ok silliness aside , they are people with some sort of genetic mutation that make them different ( i am not going to talk about super powers) now in the story/movie/comics/imagination it is always related to superpowers however in reality there are X amount of things that make you different you can either be an x man through personality which may be acceptable and may make you shunned from society because well you are simply different which is fine if we were all the same same there would never be progress, there are x men because of looks there are x men due to actual genetic mutations that lead to disease or just physical abnormalities (  mutations are rather common actually but the body usually fixes them before they cause any harm when it is possible for it to do so)((yes i am being a know it all sorry!)) the point is being an x man is not something bad but sadly just like it is portrayed in the movies even it is all sci fi it is a reflection of reality in a way , not all "normal" people like anyone different around them all though many x men can easily blend in and be counted as "normal" nobody should be made to feel different just because they are different, they should not be made to feel like they are abnormal or not part of the pack and so on.

embrace your difference it only makes you more special and if anybody has a problem with that well it is their problem to deal with not yours , I am an X man in so many ways and very proud , if you are an x man/woman i hope you are proud of it too if you are not i hope you are proud of the x men/women that surround you .

embrace the difference! and enjoy that super awesome car above .

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