Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Only U

This post is brought to you by Miss Marie (because I was feeling lazy and she did not really think I would post this)

U is for uterus and that is the main thing that makes women different than men.. and ulitimately special.  Any creature that can bleed and for days and not die.. and produce offspring is ultimately amazing of course deserves our undying admiration.  And of course, we owe them our lives.. so here is to Uterus's  everywhere..  Thanks for life!

Ok now to my part of the post! since inspiration struck at 6 am or something odd like that right in the middle of being asleep ... how rude of inspiration to come knocking at such an inappropriate time!

Interruption: I read this very beautiful quote that I just had to share with you

الرجُـــل إن عشـــق روح المــرأه "فــلن يعشــــق إلا إمـــرأه واحــــده"

"أمــا إن عشـــق وجهـهــا "فلـــن تكفيــــه جميـــع نســــاء الأرض
Translation : If a man falls in love with a woman's spirit then he will love only one woman, however if he falls in love with her face then all the women on the face of the planet will not be enough.

A few days ago I watched (Again) the movie Black gold not the version that my grandfather was watching as a child no the 2011 version of the movie that contained Antonio Banderas and did not make it to the US cinema theaters ( how the hell did it slip my mind that U is for UNICORN!!!) its the second time I watch this movie and it is truly amazing what happened there and what is NOT happening now in the Arab world ( yes it was a movie about Arabs and oil )actually not just the Arab world its everywhere it is something humanity currently lacks , as humans we are all divided and for petty reasons ( do not imagine lil fury cute objects!).

You have religion that is a major divider which is something i do not comprehend because the basics for the 3 biggest Godly religions are the same  here I am referring to Christianity Islam and erm Jews? the basic point of all 3 is there is ONE God and you should worship him yet wars are raged and it divides us as humans.  Sexuality divides us what the hell difference does it make to your life who someone takes to bed with them? how does it effect you ? how does it effect their performance at work or at school or at sports? it doesnt! yet it divides us

U is for Uvula as pointed out by Pinky.

Food divides us granted not as much as the previous 2 but vegans vegetarians and omnivores for some reason they do not always get along ok ok i don't have a strong point there but you get the gist of it , oh oh oh sports! stupid sports can cause friggin death at times I would know at least 67 ended up dead due to a football match earlier this year here in Egypt and we know the fights that are caused between the Everton and Liverpool fans ! the point is we let stupid things get in the way , see there is one thing that drives us humans more than anything more than money more than fear more than blood relations and that is emotions.....Feelings in other words pure humanity .... that is what brings us together , that is what Unites us!

So why is it that we can not unite? now I am not greedy enough to want the whole populations of humans to unite that is too sci-fi but why is it that we can not unite to bring down corruption in governments, as Arabs have done that why could they not stay united and continue the work? why can't we unite and demand our basic human rights to be provided such as decent health care for everyone ( this includes the fury lil critters and large ones too) decent education for everyone decent housing , why can't we unite to accomplish that? are we that different truly even with different religions and different political views and different skin colour and different backgrounds of any kind aren't we all at the end of the day humans? born from uterus's as Marie kindly pointed out with 2 arms  2 legs a head and a trunk? do we not breathe the same air walk the same earth eat the same bloody junk? I personally will work to make people realize that our differences are very little ( they are only big if you are an exaggerating drama queen to be honest and i will debate/argue that with anyone) and that the only way we can get the best out of ourselves and our government is to unite together as humans to reach our true potential.

U is for Unity ..... who's with me!

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