Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I am a potter fan book wise and for some reason Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters with my favorite line of his being " Obviously....." with that condescending tone of his ( FINE! I admit I do use it with annoying people since I have the accent to pull it off or something like it). Opinion is also a rather good O word since everybody has one actually everybody has many but see this is not what I wish to ramble on about today.

The last few days have not been particularly the best but some things have been at least mentally sorted partitioned well Organized so to speak , some rough decisions have been made that was something that needed to be done and one more decision that is sadly not in my hands still needs to be made tonight.

Some of the rough decisions were not particularly to my liking at the current time but I do understand them and I did make a promise to wait however long it takes, now life has a way of making you doubt decisions and promises like that which is kind of where i was yesterday the what if it doesn't work out what if i screw it up before i even start what if other stuff happen what if it is not fair to either parties what if what if what if... one of the things agreed upon ( in a joking manner) was that in this particular case I will most likely need some divine intervention

And so to my surprise yesterday and today during my doubts divine intervention was presented in the form of Signs as I like to call them, signs that come in the form of random songs or quotes or billboards or something catches your eye you know what i am on about.... this has lead to reassurance in my decision and furthermore an Outburst of Optimism , yes O is for Optimism there is nothing wrong with being Optimistic you can be just that whilst still maintaining your feet firm on the ground of planet Jasoum or Earth as we know it, hope is such a wonderful thing to have a weapon not many people have and the dose of Hope I have gotten in the last 24 hours are all I needed, Optimism can equip you with positive energy (which brings in positive energy) it can make you feel fearless courageous and stronger than you admit to yourself.

so that thing that is currently on your mind nagging and filling you with doubts insecurities and what if's conquer it with a spear of Optimism without looking back, as the wise zoo man said " 20 seconds of courage is all it takes" or something like that!


  1. Yes, Optimism is a fantastic O word! And I must say that I was Optimistic throughout the entire Harry Potter series that Snape was a good guy . . . Optimism pays off!

  2. Even if you hated Snape, you couldn't help but love him in the end! Optimism is a powerful thing, that's for sure.


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