Thursday, 12 April 2012


Do you know what the most important part of being knocked down or over is? be it by life by people by a brick it doesn't matter how you get knocked down or over i mean an evil scientist  might use a super duper fire breathing gun on you but it doesn't change anything,   the most important part of the process.... is getting back up!

No matter what you get back up because you are stronger than whomever would do that to you and God would never put you in a situation that you are not strong enough to over come.

ok now that the advice session is over my favorite K word is Kindness, I am very grateful to have many people in my life with the kindest hearts ( they make up for the unkind ones i have to deal with ) Kindness is not represented by donating stuff or money in my eyes, it can actually be found in a look or a word or a touch or a post it note its a sentiment that one can either emit or not you can't be slightly kind you either are kind or not.

So out of fear of turning this post Sappy ( which seems to be a theme SORRY!) I would just like to say be kind every day every moment you can try to be kind even when you do not have it in your heart to even be nice to someone be kind because kindness is a superpower that you my friend possess, and it takes you a long way.


  1. So very perfect, be kind to others, and do to them as you would have them do unto you...kindness, Tony that's a perfect k word.

  2. Not sappy at all. Very good advice.
    I'm now following your blog.

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  3. New follower here . . . love this "unsappy" post. We'd all be happier if we were all just a big more kind to one another.

  4. Great despicable me clip!! "Life isn't about how hard you can hit, but about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."


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