Saturday, 28 April 2012

Yes You!

I realize that the A-Z blog also has a " you " y post but no bother !

For the last 24 letters it has mostly been about me and x men and unicorns and other stuff i do not remember 
apart from that smile who could forget that smile anyway!
This post is about you all about you , I want to thank you all
for being so patient with me and reading and being such good 
readers, yes especially those that i demand to proofread for me
Thank you.
Now since this is about you I suggest you share whatever is on your mind whatever you want to say
be it a lil about yourself be it a joke be it what you did today
or even an irrelevant sentence that does not make sense is fine
such as wild monkeys ride hogs and jump from apartment buildings to play with dragons.
stop imaging me as a wild monkey! I'm nicely trimmed thank you very much.

This is about you Embrace it 
oh and that Jeremy Bates book called White lies ... Go buy it its friggin awesome!
( even though I have not read it yet and i intend to get it as soon as i get home because 
it is 
not available here)

Thank you God bless and plenty of nice stuff!
Yes I will hound you to write about you if we are in direct contact

P.s: This is about YOU!!!! do NOT comment about me!


  1. Something... night(insert sweet kiss on forehead here)

    1. Cheekiness is not tolerated for the next hour so do it properly you cheeky git!

    2. Okay, so.... something about me... I am a cheeky git... okay done.

  2. well Anthony, you have to have one of the nicest, and most gengerous hearts I have ever come across, and I am glad I made you become my friend lol ty xoxo It's a pleasure to read your blogs by the way ... not a chore. hugs

    1. you do know that you are required to write about yourself right? hugs

    2. I thought the "I made you my friend" part was about me? hehe .... I use a visual language to communicate normally, so this words business is a little unnatural for me! Oh and I love icecream .... and chocolate.....preferably together, but not just any kind, the good kind. I also love sleeping ... hms what else? Okay, don't tell anyone but I am a big softie. Maybe that's why we get along so well? hugs xoxo

  3. Tony..... yer such a lil booger and none of us would have ya any other way.

    1. about YOU!!!!! and yes i did learn that from you shortstop wouldn't have it any other way either

  4. you said to write about me, ok, my life has been enriched by having you as a friend... my days are brighter when your in them, and I am lucky to have you, in my everyday.... smiles..muah xx


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