Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for Enchantment

Today is not a particularly easy post because there is SOOOOO! much to choose from,Elephants could have been a good topic sadly my knowledge in regards to elephants is limited to they are large they have tusks they live in zoo's India or Africa and they eat their own poop because at least half of it does not get digests  Easter was not a topic because I am depressed that I am stuck in Egypt with not even a scent of an Easter egg and to make matters worse they do not sell Maltesers bunnies.

Ok so the Maltesers bunnies may have something to do with it, maybe its just me (doubtful though) but I've noticed that every now and then life starts taking you through a particular daily routine with minor differences each day which is fine for some people you do the same things go to work or school go to the gas station cuss and mutter under your breath at the prices of gas among many other things that I will not list that occur on a daily basis , during this at least for me anyway I find out of the blue I am sucked not only in to routine but a pretty much dull lifestyle that lacks excitement lacks enthusiasm lacks..... magic.

Whenever I realize this ( usually a couple of days in to it ) action immediately has to be taken and I do that by looking at the little things and trying to find the magic, those amazing little things that can make you feel enchanted and the beauty of it is that it could be absolutely anything from an idea to a project to a picture hell even just blasting up a favorite tune and jumping on the bed! or cooking up a silly idea with your friend and then laughing at yourself that my friend is the true essence of life and magic, AND! to make it better every single day is full of little things that can enchant you and touch your heart.

The only right way to eat a maltesers bunny is in herds or families or whatever you call a large number of bunnies!

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  1. Great post! I try to remind myself to enjoy the little things in life often, but I forget frequently. I like how you said you find something enchanting today... it's such a fun word!


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