Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May so far

So far in the last few very hectic days its been well hectic , I literally feel like the challenge was finished a week ago or something, so in the last few days a bird decided it was appropriate to take a shit in public on the taxi that i was in whilst my window was open needless to say the rest .. all  i can think of is How Rude!!! at least use toilet paper or an equivalent next time! or offer me some since I needed to wiper yer shyte.

I almost went all hulky on a nurse by all hulky i mean the avengers version of the hulk he is by far the best in this movie yes i saw the avengers today but we will get to that later! I have a problem when it comes to trying to find a vein even if they are quite obvious in areas since the last hole from the last blood test i did was still present "." marked the spot I pointed that little piece of information out and advised her to  just give that location a try but does she listen? of course not or i would not have a story to tell, she decided to pole in 4 other locations in all 4 the vein was pretty much visible on the back of my hands and she did not succeed in finding any blood despite the multiple stabbing i mean slapping of my hand with a vengeance as if my hand took her out on a date and forgot to call her or something, to top that after each failed slap and stab she pressed so hard on the location of entry presumably to  prevent leakage i think however she thought that my blood was actually a rabid dog trying to bite and she was fending him of with her hand or maybe my blood was a prisoner trying to escape , part of my hand actually got swollen in objection the bad treatment! now yes I am not going to complain about the pain because I'm a man and what not however I could not work on my project for 2 days enough said ....

So yes I wanted to strangle her after all that as i was following orders to get my head in to that lil cage they put it in before you go in to the M.R.I machine she plugs stuff in my ears as if evil was bloody spewing out of them! what ever happened to nice being a job requirement and smiling! I think she might have been somebody in disguise not a nurse worth hiring a ninja to look in to it, if that was not enough when she did find blood eventually ( where i told her to stick it to begin with!) and my hand was covered with blood because she did not shut the canula thingy properly she had to use ancient sticking devices known as not so medical nowadays sticky tape and it was taped to take a guess? yes what little hair i did previously have on my hand which is now gone when she friggin pulled it off, i literally only have 2 lonely hairs on my right hand now what do you suggest i name them? you know so they feel loved.

so I had an M.R.I which is noisy as hell but I heard orchestra music in the background which actually was not playing, thankfully it seems to be reported that some people have heard music so i am not loopy, but these new medications for god knows what that i am on make me feel loopy and a bit snappy too thankfully thus far i have still maintained to control my temper... yay!

took the M.R.I results to a specialist  who thought the report that was with them was utter rubbish they missed out at least 3 things he mentioned sooo it was worst than initially suspected however I still think it is nothing and I am fine despite my dr's looking at me as if im going to die and giving me the " ill be with you all the way don't you worry" line .... when i say i am fine why are you giving me that line? you would think after 5 months of analyzing my personality they would have known a bit better than to say that instead of telling me to stay away from stress for the next 10 days and that i am way toooooo nice and that i have above average intelligence.... tell me something i dont know !

so since i got that bit of news today ( which i did not include here as you have noticed but it is safe to say that there are no aliens building a compound in my brain, and a brain does exist much to the disappointment of many )i decided to check what is on at the cinema only to find the avengers was on!!! naturally i automatically bought a ticket finished my shopping, thankfully i packed my bag for traveling earlier, by packed i mean folded what clothes i wanted like a 5 year old and chucked it in the suitcase.

I have decided to step back from a couple of things and let fate play its role because i do not want to snap at anyone and i truthfully if i want to get my project finished anytime soon or at least phase one of it i do need to clear my mind  a lil .

ok that is it for today ! Tomorrow I will be travelling to Libya which means socializing and an interview and meetings and work and more heat so I shall try to blog if not i will see you all in a week or 2! have fun be safe and all that jazzzzz

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