Thursday, 26 April 2012


WWW. a post of wonderful things. WOW or an attempt anyway ...

I was walking home a couple of days ago and I am usually not a too slow walker when i noticed the guy in front of me who was slightly elderly taking his leisure walking and i thought to myself why am i not doing that it is such a wonderful thing to walk slowly and take in your environment your surrounding just enjoy it live the moment..... then i remembered it was hot i hate the heat and he was only walking slowly because he could not walk any faster soooo I was home 2 or 3 minutes later thinking i need to realize and pay more attentions to the little wonders around me ( even if i hate this country i am sure there are wonders in it ) and I have been enjoying the wonderful wise words of an actual hardback book , today i saw that in front of our building one of the tree's was blossoming with a rather whimsical purple ( yes purple not violet!) although i may have been in a slightly whimsical mood because I can not keep my eyes or my mind of that beautiful fictional girl and her wondrous smile .

W is for werewolf ! I have a thing for werewolves I am unsure why and I actually see them as well something that would turn in to a wolf not a vicious wolf man , my lil boy( he is not my son before anyone gets confused) informed me that we are to write a children's book this summer about a werewolf with an opposable thumb that he will use to throw arrows at soldiers when he rescues a princess.

W is also for HIM! Professor Albus Dumbledore

He is a character that just oozes of Wisdom , someone that can tell you winning is not everything and personally i would believe him.

W is for white a colour i love however not a shade my heart is at all familiar with any longer alas such is life, but do you know what my favorite W word is? that goes with that wondrous smile... its Wit oh my do i love me some wittiness I will argue knowing I am wrong just to hear/read/witness those witty responses!

and so We conclude this Wordy post , ooh i forgot to mention words! how could i do that words are almost everything in this world of ours it is words that buy hearts and words that break them words that steal moments words that creates them in one way or another we are the living expression of our words are our thoughts anything but words in our heads ? words are capable of buying and selling of giving lives and ending them sadly what are we without words truly?

I wish you all well 


  1. Words might just be my most favorite W word. We would be nothing without them.

  2. As to your walking. Many of us are in a hurry on a daily basis and we see only that which is immediately before us, thereby losing out on the many wonders about us.

    Try this next time you think about it. Walk at a moderate pace. Rather than focusing straight ahead, allow your eyes to look to the horizon (and in the immediate area so you don't stumble) with a peripheral view.

    You will be amazed, literally, at what you see that you nver saw before. Bet on it.

    1. Yes I do that often when home and do you know what makes the experience all the more enjoyable ? the sound of the ice cream truck!


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