Sunday, 15 April 2012


N is for Nylon that is right however we both know you are not foolish enough to believe I would write about Nylon!!!! no N is for navigating through notorious negativity which seems to be attempting to abduct positive thoughts and things from my life against my will , negativity is rather sneaky it is quite ninja like .

Coincidentally as admirable as ninja's are and yes I do dream of having ninja powers as almost every guy does, in a battle between a pirate and a ninja a Pirate would win statistically it is because a Pirate has a gun however I believe it is due to sheer awesomeness lack of discipline the presence of alcohol and possibly the stench , ninja's as fantastic and quick and strong as they are, are not trained on how to handle pirate stench hence the lack of deodorant or a nose peg as one of their weapons!

anyhow! back to navigating, as i said negativity is silent and it takes over your thoughts in a blink of an eye sometimes you will not realize it till you find yourself knee high in it ( which is bad in regards to everything that is not beach/lake/chocolate ok swimming pool applies too) which will most likely feel like you are stuck and have no idea what to do or which direction, which is where the navigator voice in your brain gets activated ( don't imagine your gps unless its that irish lady voice that says "round about" all funny and irish like ) i am not sure what yours tells you if you are crying in that situation the first thing it will tell you to do is to stop leaking it only adds to the mud! i mean negativity, mine brings up happy memories or happier memories at least, achievements,reminds that i have superpowers that are suitable to be used in this situation ...

actually i had the superpowers conversation with liz earlier today we established her smile is not a super power and i have 2 super powers the first being pure awesomeness that i can bestow upon anyone and usually help pull them out of their little puddle of negativity ( i try to use it as much as often without bragging) the second is i have the ability to fly for 2 seconds at a time because i need to refuel every 2 seconds , of course she was not happy with this but i stood my grounds! in saying that i will admit that any woman's smile is a superpower capable of pulling any man at least out of negativity.

so when you are stuck in that lil puddle remember you are strong and you can stride past it right in to the positive spectrum of sunshine you are also a pirate that can fend away that ninja like negativity because you are Amazing! ( no im not saying you stink or you are alcoholic im just saying you are cool like cap'n sparrow)

God bless you all!( and may he protect you from ninjas)

Also as Roxi just reminded me N is for NOTHING! can stop you or stand in your way.


  1. You misspelled my Name...hahahaha! Awesome post! I Need to work on my flying super power because I can Not stay in the air for more than half a

    I have found ways to repel negativity and also to rid myself of it when it does get to me.. I find myself doing my little meditations to rid myself of it at LEAST twice a day everyday... It's a battle that I can wiN.... :-)

  2. I avoid negative people and things as much as possible because they always rub off on me. You will win the battle. I am so happy that the puppies found a good home!
    Are you going to continue to foster dogs? You did a great job and made a big difference in their little lives!

  3. I intend to foster any puppies/dogs/cats that need to be nursed to health or adopt an elderly dog that otherwise will not get adopted once i get home or well as soon as I'm settled down by September anyway. negativity brings in negativity so shoot it with a gun of smiles :D

  4. I think we all have ninja powers inside us somewhere. ninja powers to be go through this world with a smile on our face and determination to be happy. yea for ninja powers!!!


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