Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Penguins!!!! " Zebra's cant drive! only penguins and people can drive!!"  true story....

Pie is a good p word , one of the things on my bucket list or i suppose its 2 things, marry a woman that can make a pie ! ( she can buy it and say she made it or even just buy it i don't particularly care as long as they stand together) and have pie at an actual diner in the states.

I was trying to brain storm with Angela some P words and she had the nerve to suggest Pink!!!! how RUDE!! I do not like pink it may have something to do with my friend Claire being absolutely obsessed which resulted in me getting her a pink Christmas tree which of course she found to be perfect, i had a similar incident as a child with a girl called Suzanne and her obsession with the color Yellow and the planet Uranus.... ok perhaps i keep weird company... anyhow the conversation (i had to not unleash my pinky wrath since it is not her fault) reminded me of Facebook singing( she said 2 lines i said one that was it not a grand duet or anything sadly) with Angel and it happened to be a pink song  thus I dislike the color but adore the artist.

Perfect is a p word i am not fond of my biological mother was a perfectionist and it was problematic for me but it is also a nice song by pink Perfect-Pink .

Princess Sandra ( who is a magnificent artist that you can check out on Awesome link you MUST!! check  out) was kind enough to suggest the perfect thing to write about which is PANCAKES!!! pancakes are great I do not know how to make a round pancake mine always look erm "special" they look different but taste great!

Mr.Tim suggested Pumped which is what he is doing with the help of the Punisher.

Patience is a good word its something I am so good at because I have been obligated to be patience rather often in my life but so bad at   at the same time, I choose to be patient with some things because some things are worth it there is a difference when it is your choice in comparison to when well you have no choice but it doesn't make it any easier just more justified by what you are looking forward too.

Problems ...they jump at me left right center and even from behind but the beauty of problems is they make you creative they get you thinking for solutions so although problems are not nice they do stimulate ones mind to an extent.

Pretty things.... ill leave this for someone else to write about

There is one word that hit close to home so to speak when I was thinking of the letter P one thing that sung yup this is the word you could write about but I have to apologize for the disappointment ( assuming it is there) because I am not in the frame mind to do it justice, that word is Passion, I am a very passionate person I am passionate about life (even if this does not seem like the case right now) I get passionate about causes as is evident with me being stuck here as consequence or my passion , I am passionate about the people in my life be it a woman or my friends or family, passion gives me drive motivation sometimes it causes rash decisions but that is fine not every decision a person makes has to be sound that is the perfection of life.

and last but not least you are all perfect, do not doubt that ever, the perfection is in the imperfections and little quirks that each and every one of you has you are the only one that is perfectly you ...... ok my Preaching is over Perhaps I shall call it a Post for now.


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