Saturday, 14 April 2012

M is for mission

Yes today  I am going to spare you a long one I figure I owe you that for yesterday, so today I am not going to talk about one specific thing I am going to ask you to go find your miracle or miniature miracle ( as the lovely Sandra put it ) and ignite the magic in your day , I'm talking about something that well if you were in a movie you'd get grand orchestral music playing in the background kind of magical, if you find something mystical or mysterious i will settle for that too but! at the end of the day I kindly ask you to come share it with us...

I think presenting you with this mission is much nicer than talking about how money is evil not because it was manufactured by Satan but, because we fail to recognize that it is only one currency out of many thus the balance of using the currencies is skewed towards money resulting in corruption and many other things anyway !

Be Marvelous and take the challenge please :)


  1. today the magic/miracle in my day was the beautiful gentle rain, cleansing planet earth, and breathing it all in. I always say it is like the whole planet takes a sigh when it rains gently down upon her....

  2. *races off to grab her mini miracle*


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