Wednesday, 11 April 2012

J is for.. Jack's Journey

J is not particularly easy to write about mainly because my mind keeps drifting of to Jurassic park and Jammy dodgers, so I will as always write about a few J things first of all is Jack, Jack is my almost 3 months old foster puppy who is a black Labrador, when I took Jack in he couldn't walk he couldn't even stand for more than 2 seconds at a time he was most of the time in that position in the picture and when he tried to move it ends up looking like some sort of crawl with his arse in the air pushing forward and using his chin and elbows which i found had a big hairless patch with bloody scabs on each, he could not eat by himself he soiled himself naturally with occasional head spasms and if all that wasn't enough the poor fella was constipated.

I was very worried for Jack it was obvious by the second day that the previous owner/breeder was not feeding him that well nor giving him a proper dose of medication, my fear was it was a neurological condition rather than just lack of calcium or well lack of care I mean cmon even a puppy doesn't like being covered in its own urine all day long.

So obviously I fell in love with Jack immediately mind you his sister is also very gorgeous, he reminded me of the andrex puppy except well he is black, despite his condition you could see the warmth in his eyes and the need to please, he could not stand and still tried to follow me and the frustration he felt ( well it looked like he was beyond frustrated anyway) just broke my heart i decided if it was indeed a neurological condition I will be giving up on my trip to the states and using the saved funds to take him home with me even if it will cost a fortune.

By the 3rd day the lil fella was standing and trying to take a couple of steps before falling flat on his face , stubborn resilient little tyke he was a dog after my own heart  he kept trying and trying till by the end of the 3rd day he was walking which was completely astonishing, by the next day he was walking as if he had been all his short life, and by the end of the week Jack was galloping like a horse.

He still thinks he is a horse charges with his head down and prances around he barely barks maybe he is part horse? it would explain the size difference between him and his sister..... one of the things that I love about Jack is that he is the first dog that I have had the pleasure of living with that actually fetches the friggin ball! chases after it over and over again without boring of the process, yes he will not willingly give you the ball back you have to pull it out of his mouth , now I know this is not something important or even special but the fact of the matter is with all the dogs I've ever owned or dogs that belonged to friends none of them ever fetched! my Rhea used to fetch not more than 3 times then would give you the " if you want the stupid stick go bloody get it yourself !" look  so you can see my Joy!


speaking of Joy, despite my whining and my rough year as of 18.06.2011 I am very thankful that I can still find Joy in the little things such as playing fetch or managing to string a poem together or finding the patience required to not hurt someone well that goes for verbally or by testing to see if a brick can can come close enough to whisper rough somethings in to someones ear using its body language, I find Joy every day with the small witty conversations with my friends, I find Joy in my therapist admitting that I drive her insane ....that is what happens when you are arrogant around me! , and I find Joy in thinking of certain possibilities.

Anyway! back Jack, he seems to like me enough to ignore food for a good 10-30 seconds just to scratch my legs and try to get me to pet him before he eats which is very endearing he also thinks well actually they both think that I am a Jungle Jim ( double J points by any chance?even if it is spelled wrong!) a bed, a pillow, a fighting arena and last but not least as my poor hands will tell you a chewing toy, both my hands are chewing toy as far as Jack and Sophie are concerned they will sit there with a hand each in their mouth nibbling away ok nibbling is an understatement for him he literally tries to eat my hand a few times a day god knows why.

I am very happy to say that there are no more scabs and the fur has almost completely regrown on both his elbows and there is no trace of anything ever happening on his chin, he is a healthy lovely little pup now that likes to gnaw cries like a little bitch when play fighting with his sister who is half his size, and loves without measure, I remember last week when I was beyond upset because well I was being ignored by someone very dear to my heart he just climbed on top of me and lay his head on my chest and just kept looking at me with his puppy eyes till I felt loved again and forgot temporarily what the issue was.

Jack is one of my current Joys of life and I hope that I have managed to give his Journey through life an improved start , I hope we will find him a lovely home with someone who will adore him just as Jack will adore whomever it is Jack is my Joy he is a daddy's boy and I pray for the best for him

What is your Joy ?

I was going to ramble on about Jealousy then I realized i'm too much of a jealous man ( due to protectiveness and not lack of trust) that it would give the wrong impression.


  1. So glad to hear Jack is doing better now! He sure is a cutie. It's a very special ability you have, being able to find joy in the small things everyday. Don't ever lose that!

  2. We have 3 rescue dogs (and 4 dogs total) so it makes me so angry to see the way people treat innocent animals. It makes me so happy to see how you have given that sweet pup your heart and made him into a new dog!
    Keep up the good work and hold your head high!


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