Monday, 9 April 2012

H is for a combination of Hness

Ok so finding a word with the letter H that I could ramble on in my style was not easy although I do love horses but my knowledge is not expanded enough to give them a fair post ( i could say they are big cute poop machines?)so i did what i do every day and post the letter on my Facebook to see what my delightful friends would suggest and it was a combination that lead to a happy hooker named hooba, hugs honor and high hairy humans now of course you can see why i call my friends delightful , and so naturally i will not write about any of those.

Instead I am going to write about how hunger leads to heaven or hell no i am not referring to gluttony being a sin and such no, see I was not having a particularly nice night last night I was being slightly difficult to say the least feeling all sub human lacking patience humiliated and rather hurt ( hurt would have been a good post but i refuse to be negative today), and so today during my ride in to town melting in the heat it dawned to me that I whilst passion can give birth to marvelous things it is hunger that brings out the true creativity to change something to make a difference, passion is one of the essential variables I can not deny that but if one is to be honest is passion alone capable of doing anything other than make you slightly happy or in some cases make you look nutty ?

when you are hungry for something or someone ( its like a passion with a sense of need to it perhaps?)your mind starts thinking of all possible ways to reach your destination to make your dream a reality or sometimes it is as simple as making a difference initiating change ,I'm talking about that hunger that riles you up inside the hunger that turns anger in to productive passion the hunger that makes you sit down make a to do list and start checking it bit by bit, in a sense it is not too different from the haunting hunger to get a croissant from your favorite patisserie or a steak from a steak house?( funny word steak house i can imagine a house made of steaks built by that 4th little piggy that nobody talks about because he made a deal with the wolf that he will give him steak if he leaves him alone ) you know the hunger that does not leave you alone till you do something about it.

now the outcome of such hunger depends on the person and the excuse my phrase but insanity of it ( lets face it I'm not one to come up with the sanest idea's )a hunger for money could either make you a very hard working person that results in success which is fantastic as long as you do not let it develop in to something else a beast really and know when enough is enough, or it could turn you in to a criminal that will do anything for money there is probably plenty of better examples but i think this relays the picture i am attempting to paint, if your intentions are pure or well good anyway you can pretty much use it to do absolutely anything to build your heaven its what i intend to do I admit I am not just passionate about a person I hunger to make her happy, I am not just passionate about genetics I have a hunger to learn everything there is to make cures to change lives to help , but sometimes we get carried away and we do not focus on the little essential steps and so you either end up creating a prison of hell for yourself ( i am a strong believer in karma so i truly believe that usually happens when your intentions are bad), of course sometimes you need to walk through hell to get to heaven but that is just life all good things are challenging if they weren't they would not be worth it and you would not enjoy them.

What are you hungry for? are you using it to build your paradise or to cage yourself?

I should have probably stuck to writing about Hakuna matata ...

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