Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for.....

Now considering not only is it Friday on F day it is Good Friday thus one of the topics that is likely to be common today is forgiveness which was initially what I felt the need to write about after reading miss Lou Lou's blog ( which is magnificent I adore her writing style and can be found here

And so I will come to another topic that is on my mind but I sadly do not have enough energy to articulate my conversation to the standard I would like but since it is 30 minutes to midnight I shall try!

As you all know I did what any human with a heart in the right place and the proper opportunity would have done and that is volunteering in Libya during the war I have some medical knowledge I have some forensic knowledge I know the language and I do not lack reason or logic during stress, turns out I am not phased by explosions bullets or scary men with guns shouting out threats anyhow this is not the point!

When I was there and I had been keeping up day to day with all that happened since the 17th of February 2011 and being there in person it is so admirable and fills your heart with pride how people can unite for one cause, one little tiny thing that has been taken away from them for 42 long years , this one little thing has cost this country with the population of only 6 million people over 100,000 souls or well martyrs in addition to at least 50,000 missing people who are now presumed dead also not to mention the hundreds of thousands of injured people, of course one must not forget to mention the thousands of brave people that occasionally went missing and were found dead the thousands that were massacred throughout these last 42 years( some bodies were actually found in freezers that have been stored for the last 30 years!) this little thing is what many of us take for granted and many others misuse in addition to the people that do not even know what it is if it hit them on the face, yes you guessed it I am speaking of Freedom.Of course these all paid the price for it but so many others were victims of this monstrous tyranny such as the tragic Lockerbie bombing , the night club in Amsterdam and many others.

What is freedom in your eyes?the right to vote ? the right to state your opinion?the right to walk down a street with nothing but a hat on? the right to go wherever you want? the right to bare arms? the right to have an abortion? the right to feel safe? to be free of financial burdens?or to defend yourself against any threat? ( ok the right to defend yourself against any threat has an entire own opinion that you will need to remind me about )

This is what these people paid in blood for and much more, what they truly wanted was the basic human rights the basic freedom any person should get and this was the same in Egypt and Tunisia except it was not as bad a regime and not as bad a revolution ( no war's except for Libya thankfully considering I was in all 3)

 Now there is no denying that I applaud the efforts and how beautifully they united during the time of war to free themselves from the oppression of tyrant Muammar Gadaffi , however and it saddens me to say this especially in Libya and Egypt ( tunisia seem to be doing a tiny bit better) they got rid of the rulers they are actively trying to get rid of every person that participated in the corruptness ( not very successfully mind you) they are speaking their opinions making fabulous street art ( which was previously forbidden)to an extent trying to rebuild, surely by now you are thinking ok he there is a BUT here where is it and you are right there is a big BUT.

But! what do you do when you are a person that has only had dreams of the mere concept of freedom and then you got it? is it much different than dreaming of being a pilot and getting a plane for your birthday then you decide on the spot to take it for a spin when the only thing you know about flying is that birds planes jets and superman are capable of it? apart from the few ( in comparison to the population of the world) that have been trapped in one cage or another be it debt be it an abusive relationship be it an unhealthy childhood or an unfair government  that can somewhat appreciate the true meaning of breathing in the air of freedom, do any of us really know the true depth of freedom?

A human's freedom ends when it violates that of another human being, or creature in my opinion....

I am still fighting hard to gain my complete freedom , please Don't ever take yours for granted.


  1. 'A human's freedom ends when it violates that of another human being, or creature in my opinion....'

    That sounds like a very sensible and reasonable statement.

    How very fustrating that so many people, governments, dictators, leaders... power hungry critters just don't get that...

  2. Im sorry, I got sidetracked...

    I'm not sure if I have said this to you before, and honestly, we have not ever spoken in as much detail...

    Reading through these bloggies of yours, I get a much deeper insight into your character.

    What a Beautiful Soul.


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