Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Variety of V's

Such  a large Variety of things to ramble on however I woke up with the words virtue and value on my mind, 2 things I have not seen much of lately and it makes me Very sad, I am a man that seeks value in every aspect of my life quality over quantity in other words, when I say value you already know that market value or material value is not what i mean't I mean true value and worth of the item or the person or the moment , yes moments or well memories are valuable none the less wouldn't you think?

variations of variables nowadays cause such a strong yet weak V word which is Violence, there is no real reason for Violence as far as my brain is concerned it is mostly fear and insecurity or vulnerability one would say on many levels not just a personal level, Vulnerability is something I have to admit to although with me it has never lead to and will never lead to Violence I am a vulnerable man with certain things such as cookies , Family and so on my vulnerability lies in my insecurities that i am working on and in my lack of control within certain situations also my  consistent optimism is a vulnerability with the state of the world how it is nowadays my hope that humans will choose virtue over other things is a vulnerability , my not accepting that i can not physically protect all the people i love is a vulnerability , my lack of emotion with people i do not 100% care about may be considered a vulnerability and many other things that you can feel free to point out if you know them . There is a value a reason and a memory behind each thing that makes me vulnerable or that  i am vulnerable because of and that is not a bad thing they are not all bad things in fact the first 3 are absolutely amazing and would not want to change the way things are in regards to v'ness.

V is for vicious , dragons can be vicious mind you to be honest id rather take a vicious dragon over a vicious woman any day at the end of the day there is a higher success rate for taming vicious dragons ! than there is men who have survived vicious women ( smile don't you frown at me for joking like this!)

V is for violet, which is nothing more than a fancy word for purple!

Violin is an instrument i love and have always been meaning to learn but never got to actually buying one to begin with and to be frank new sword is higher on the priority list than a violin is along with a pair of boots a plane ticket and a holiday for 2 followed by a holiday for 3 ok ok i'm not going in to my bucket list here now!

V is for victory which is to be announced soon against certain people/situations and certain vulnerabilities ( after the first 3!)

and so I conclude v day with .... Va Va Voooooooom! or Vroom Vroom ?

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